*gasp* CFL tampering ? Well, Sir, I for one, am shocked!

Anyone surprised? LOL.


Shall we take bets on which teams they were?

(hint* it's all of them)

I aint a snitch … but allow me to snitch.

Reilly to BC was Canada Grade A tampering…

naked, wide out in the open…

Randy said whatevs and signed off on it.

Cant shame anyone or any team now.

Click on this link to his twitter and peruse his past months tweets. Seems he has no life but to obsessively tweet and diss the CFL, the Tiger Cat Club and some fans, those that are putting the food on his family's table. Banks has quite a chip on his shoulder. Perhaps he has good reason? I don't know. I though have lost near all respect for this man. He lacks any level of professionalism. I for one won't be cheering any successes he has this coming year. He says "he fears no man" but yet he sits behind the social media wall to whine his complaints about life in the CFL.

Looks as though Speedy deleted his entire Twitter account.

Edit His Twitter account is still up. Just wasn't loading properly for this self-admitted Twit.

While he is certainly colourful, I don’t think Speedy is necessarily the sharpest crayon in the box.

Banks is the Best.

something something pots and kettles

ooh ooh, I know

pots and kettles
pots and kettles
I wanna get me some pots and kettles

Are these pots and kettles stored in glass houses? ;D

Are there people throwing rocks at them? ;D

When spelling and manners become the primary criteria for roster selection, Banks may have to alter his communications practices. As long as it continues to be based on on-field results, his job should be safe.

ding ding ding

what do we have for him Johnny?

(that said, the second the play starts to deteriorate, they'll be pretty quick to get the knives out for him, and they'll have been sharpening them all this time.)

And he will be sitting on the sidelines pouting like a 4 year old.