Gascon-Nadon , Courtney Stephen, Hasan Hazime signings

These are significant signings in my opinion, ( all Canadians and all 2012 draft picks , Nadon will not be available immediatley due to his shoulder surgery in March but hopefully by mid summer he will be healed.

Great signings. I'm especially excited to see what Courtney Stephen can do.

All on the defensive side of the ball too. Just what we needed! :slight_smile:

I concur. Fabulous signings. Looks like building depth of Canadian talent on the DLine & in the secondary is a priority.

Also noteworthy is the trade with Saskatchewan that brings in a very speedy & explosive Lyle Leong Jr. One thing is for sure, coming from the pass-happy Texas Tech, he will be we'll adjusted to the CFL style of play! Guessing this might be a guy they're ear-marking as a replacement for Chris Williams.

Also interesting that they released Aaron Kelly at the same time. I always saw him & Bakari Grant as interchangeable. Obviously management doesn't see duplication in the same type of player a necessity. I personally think Kelly's toughness or lack-there-of was the deciding factor.

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Sorry to see Jermaine McElveen depart. Always appreciated his effort & flexibility to play along all 4 spots on the DLine as well as his overall professionalism. Solid player but I guess you have to give up something to get something.

If he’s as good as the last two speedsters we got from the 'Riders, Thigpen (signed after being released) and Williams (neg list player included in trade), we could be in good shape.

I like the increase in NI depth on defence. Can never have too many Canadians in the CFL.

Was a little disappointed in Steven's 40 time. Pretty slow for a DB on a wide field.

You're reading too much of Drew Edwards' writing. Stephen's 40 time is fine, he likes to come downhill and make the big hit. I care more about his instincts than anything else.

Here's a highlight video from his time at Laurier.

Edit: Craig Butler, drafted in 2011 out of Western, is on his way to becoming a stud at safety for the Riders. He ran a 4.85 40 yard dash at the CFL evaluation camp. That's not a typo, 4.85.

I'm looking forward to watching NI Harold Mutobola a safety from Western, at 6' 1" 190 lbs with speed might be a real find when he learns the ropes.

Courtney Stephen was a freak at Laurier. I'll leave it at that.

Can't wait to see him in black and gold.

Got to see Stephen alot when he was with Laurier, The kids a stud! i think hel have a big impact this season.. thats why i wasnt upset to see bo smith and deon beasley go :cowboy: