I kinda like this idea.

Some fella in Sherbrook is organising a protest for Sunday. He wants people to drive up to the pump check their tire pressure, check their oil, wash their windows and then buy 1 cent worth of gas.
Walk up to the cash and pay with your debit card, and then use the washrooms to wash you hands using plenty of soap and hot water.

This should cost them enough money to decide to lower their prices to a more respectable price.

However it could backfire and cause them to raise prices to recoup their losses

What do you folks think?

I think it won't work. These things never seem to. Yes, Canadians are being gouged at the pumps (at least, that is what most market analysts will tell you), and on paper it may sound like a protest would conceivably work, but I have my doubts. Canada prices its oil based on world market value - even if the prices drop because of a protest, they won't drop by much until the actual price of crude comes down.



This is true but why is it when the the price goes down the Oil companies say sure but that oil is is still in a tanker and wont be here for weeks but when it goes up the price goes up instantly?

Add to that, at least in Montreal, every gas station raised their prices at exactly the same time. Did they all refill their tanks with the same higher price gas at the same time?

I know - it's old stock, and should remain at the old price. In the community in which I used to live, there were only two gas stations. (Yep - it was pretty small.) The price of gas would go up in the city by a few cents, and it was about a week until ours went up. They had the decency to wait until they refilled their own tanks before passing on the gouging to their customers.

Somewhat unrelated, but still connected. . .using your debit card here to pay for one cent of gas would cost you fifty-one cents. Most places here charge you four-bits to use your debit card if you're buying less than five bucks worth of stuff. Just chaps my a$$ that they charge me to take money out of my own account. . .who do they think they are, my bank??


You do realize that aprox. one third of what you pay goes to Federal
and provincial taxes, dont you??

.......I heard a better one a couple of years target just one commercial supplier, say PetroCan for sake of example.......nobody buys gas from PetroCan, beginning now, period......with one supplier getting hammered on profits within a few days he needs to lower his prices at the pumps to attract buyers.....then everyone will switch to the low price, forcing the other suppliers to lower theirs to compete......might create a downward spiral.......c'mon all you macroeconomic graduates, where is the logic hiccup in this?.......'course we are all lemmings anyways, it would be tough to implement.....

I dont pay anything for using my card but I think that that has to do with the type of account I have.

What the heck!!!!!! pay with a 20 make um count the change

Where you live???????
In Quebec its over 50%
Plus the toads in Quebec city charge a percentage of the price and not a fixed amount so as gas prices rise so does the tax, plus it is a percentage of the price of the gas plus the fed tax so we get to pay tax on tax

.....more, this whole price jump is speculative profiteering as the gas that is 'in system' has already been produced at the before inflated price.....the oil companies are arguing with the federalies that this excess profit will protect against future gas spikes casued by a slower production system taxed by Hurricane Katrina......

.........sniff, sniff.......hey, I know I live in cattle country but the smell just got a little more pungent.......

in reality the protesters will all be lined up the next day because they still need a fill. if you really want to protest walk, bike take the transit. just stop buying gas. but we are far too lazy for that. instead we will continue to buy our new suv and justify it because we really need it, you know when we need the space or when we suddenly need to get to the hospital during a blizzard and the phonelines are down so wee cant call the ambulance and you know if we love our families we must buy them the safety of the suv. and we will continue to have to fill these suvs everyother day because they are so feul effiecent and then we will bitch and moan about gas prices and the ozone layer or kyoto or whateer environmental trend of the day is occurring. we love to blame others for what is bad but don't tend to be willing to acknowledge that the problem is our 'i must consume everything now' attitude.

just my little rant o the day. i had a better one written but i was kicked out before i submitted it. i think the cfl is trying to censor me :slight_smile:

1313 - it's not my bank that charges me. . .it's the individual companies. The stores themselves post signs everywhere that says they'll charge up to a buck for you to use your debit card. It's becoming annoying. But, back to the topic. . .

One more thing.
Quebec has a minimum gas price based on oil prices to protect the in dependants.
6 months ago the oil companies were charging 4 cents above the minimum now they are charging 12 cents above yet they say they are not ripping us off.

They say it is because of the price of oil and then they anounce they have doubled their profits, but they are not ripping us off

I have never seen a sigh or have been charged for using my card by the merchant
dont give them ideas

I heard an analyst about three weeks ago stating that we're being overcharged about 9 cents on the dollar based on world market price (currently). That means here that we should be paying about 11 cents less than we are right now. In my car, that translates into about six and a half bucks per tank. Doesn't sound like much, but over the course of a year, at let's say a tank per week, that means you're saving approximately $340. It adds up. . .

Hey like I just mentioned
4 cents over the min to 12 cents over the min is 8 cents.
Sounds like the analysts are right

The only successful way I found so far to re-gain my (stolen) money from oil companies and banks (because all the fees they charge to you is also a form of robbery) is to buy shares from such companies and/or trusts funds.

For instance, two years and a half ago, I bought 1 150$ worth of shares in an Albertain oil company. I sold my share last june for 5 350$. And since I haven't spent over 4200$ on gas during that period, I actually made money out of them.

And if you look at the annual growth rate of banks, you can deduct that by placing your economies in their shares now and not touching them until your retirement, you'll earn way more than any of the best RRSP plans you can find.

Just try.

Heck, I BORROWED money from the bank to invest it in its own stock and made money. It sounds crazy but it works.

Actually doesnt sound crazy at all. Good on ya, third.

3rd is right. Actually Gas company aim for high profit to satisfy the shares holder. While i was working for UDS, they were claiming that a 12% margin was the minimum we could aim for. Below that 12 % margin, our company would regress. Its the corporate minding. If you want to make money out of gas company, buy shares. If not, you can only complain, nothing will change.

But lets not forget our dear governement, the 2 level.

That’s it. I’m buying a hybrid. :smiley: