@$#% Gas Prices

I know this is way off topic but they just raised the price of gas here in Montreal to 103.9 a liter.

What are you guys paying in the rest of the country?

For our American friends thats $3.74 for a U.S gallon or $4.68 for a Canadian gallon

96.9 in Prince Albert, as of last evening. Not sure if they've raised it today or not. I thought it was high here, but you Montrealers have it much worse.

Well it was 96.9 this morning, but of course I didnt fill up.
Better go fill up!!!!!

It could be worse - I've got a sibling living in Europe, they pay almost two dollars Canadian for a litre of gas. Over a hundred and twenty bucks to fill a tank.

Dont give the oil companies any ideas

........$0.91 in Calgary.........still too damn high......

Maybe you should drive to Cornwall, bout 50 mins away.
Gas is 88.2 here right now.

Or something lower to what you stated for our American Friends :slight_smile:

wow good price but a 1.5 hrs drive would eat up the savings dont ya think?

Thank god I can easily walk to work and the grocery store from where I live...

85.4 at Safeway here in Edmonton.

Live 7 minutes from my job...but I am paying $2.07 per gallon down here in Ohio..that's roughly...$2.48 Canadian?

BTW.. what's a liter compared to a gallon?

In edmonton you can find it from 85 to 93.

(im going out on a limb here) a gallon is about 3.2 litres CDN
im pretty sure im wrong but at least close

better then me i'm sure...lol

4.5 liters to Can gall
3.5 to US gallon

Actually, the official conversion rate is about 3.78 litres to a gallon, but that's for a standardized Imperial one. The Yanks will probably have "super-sized" it.

It's been jumping from about 94-97 in Winnipeg.

in edmonton alberta it is 80-90 wich is a joke the dam liberals promised to drop the gas tax which is 10% and the gst which is 7% on top not to mention that the Provencal government has a 7% tax what a fucking rip of

I still can't drive yet. :slight_smile: By the time I get to, the gas prices will be.... HOLY SHIZNIT!!! :cry: