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There is a fine line between having a positive attitude and being delusional.

I'm really starting to like Gary Stern. He's the guy still happily planning the desert menu as his ship slowly rolls over.

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Luc Mullinder:

The cases of the @Jaguars & the @MTLAlouettes fascinate me from an org perspective. Both teams have engaged ownership that mean well, however the owners also have a crippling commonality which is the the OWNERS DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY SHOULD WANT IN FOOTBALL OPS

Take the Jags for ex: obviously hired Urban Meyer cause the ppl around ownership (who also don’t understand how business & the business of sport are different) said. “Hey that’s THE GUY! He’s a LEGEND! He’s the “sexy” pic.”

We all saw how that worked out for them. Disaster. Walked the org backwards a cpl of yrs. Montreal’s very similar. #Alouettes ownership, wants to win, but they clearly don’t know what they SHOULD want & they entrusted the path to a local Coach (marketable) who’s been in Usport

for the last 10yrs & was unsuccessful as an Executive Football Ops Leader in Edm before he was ousted. From the start Gary Stern didn’t know what he should’ve been looking for, & didn’t have anyone around to direct him. Pres. Mario Cecchini has experience, buts it’s in the media

Again. Fascinating from a “what does it actually take to build a winner” conversation. I look at the best orgs right now in the #NFL and #CFL and the top level is surrounded by great FOOTBALL advice. Gary Stern tweets A LOT which the CFL needs more of (engagement).

I just wish he had better football advice around him. Cause I feel bad for him. There’s no CHAMPIONSHIP pedigree unless you look at “Calvillo” & “Brodeur-Jourdain” but even that doesn’t translate to COACHING SUCCESS. Learn what you need, & find the guys that will actually help


"And the Band played on"

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It was Ambrosie who promoted Maciocia to Stern.

Vince Guzzo also met with Maciocia, but walked away from him.


He was doing ok and then the wheels fell off. He brought in Calvillo, he's an icon in Montreal but you don't stick Calvillo on another QB's staff, especially when he's your own guy. Then Reinbold backed out mysteriously and again the Mooch put another one of his peons in place and four games into the season (as I predicted) Khari was out and another one of his peons was put in place. Maas will likely be announced as the HC in the first week of January.

I don't know if it was the panicky owner. I don't know why Maciocia did what he did. He basically put his head in the guillotine and is asking Stern to pull the rope.

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When Vince called Ambrosie to tell him Maciocia had told him without meeting his terms, Vince would have no team. Ambrosie pulled a disappearing act. Some of the other governors know how this went down and let it happen... Now they will soon be a franchise short.

Complete Outsider Comment:
I do remember MANY regulars on this forum NOT wanting to bring in Maciocia when he was hired. Might they have been prophetic?


its sad really, this reminds me of the 70's and 80''s CFL, you know the one that would bring in a patsy or two every year and would have gone tits up not for the NFL not lent them money to pay the creditors. Stern reminds me of those guys who lost their shirt and some their entire life's work. If Stern's ego gets the best of him this is what will happen to him too.


Well I got private hate messages for that and I put away my feelings for the guy and gave him a fair shot and frankly up until this spring he had done ok. I was starting to be a believer. In the end the only reason he kept Khari when he was hired was because the players, fans and the owners love him. Now KJ wasn't perfect and he had difficulty getting some of his players to respect the game and by extension their coach but at no time did Maciocia do his GM job and walk into that locker room and tell the players if they kept killing the team with penalties it was not the coach that was gonna lose his job but them. He never had the guys back as far as we can tell. The only way Stern has a shot at saving his investment is to clear the entire group the day the season ends. Either he starts fresh with new football people or he should get out before they come and take an inventory of his assets...

And GROG, you are not an outsider :slight_smile:


Now it's Victor Cui's turn. The President of the Elks is predicting that the Elks will win the next 4 games.-BC,Saskatchewan and 2 against Ottawa- He could/should be wrong starting Saturday.



Maybe he's taking the Elks plus the point spread. :smiley:

I feel sorry for Stern social media is so toxic I hope he just posts for fun but does not read the comments .

I would suggest just post and run .

Sometimes it's best to not listen to the social media mob as you cannot win .

You could solve world hunger tommorow and there will still be tons of negative comments .

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I like Stern, the more I see of him. Good sense of humor.


Stern's Twitter game is better than the Caretakers, that's for sure.


More's the pity. At least on our private site we use our real names, no hiding behind a keyboard. But I suppose I can understand his position.

In an interview from a few weeks ago on the Flightdeck podcast, Gary Stern explained how Danny Maciocia and Mario Cecchini were hired.

Stern said after he purchased the team, he was in constant contact with Wally Buono. Buono game Stern a list of 5-10 candidates for the positions of GM and President. Stern meets with them, likes Danny Maciocia and hires him. Stern then decides who he wants for President. But before the deal with this other unknown person is finalized, Maciocia insists that Stern interview Mario Cecchini. Stern believed he would just give Mario Cecchini 5 minutes and move on. Instead, Stern hires Cecchini hours later.

Stern readily admits that he is just a football fan and says he does not make football decisions. In the Khari Jones situation, Stern did have to approve the firing. Essentially Stern said that he would approve and support whatever Danny Maciocia and Mario Cecchini recommends as being best for the team.

Maciocia has convinced Stern that 2022 is the 1st year of a 3 year plan. By year 3 according to the plan, the Als will be contenders for the Grey Cup.

If torch and pitchfork wielding fans don't revolt and drag Maciocia away to the guillotine (they do that in Quebec right?) before THIS season is over... I can see that 3 year plan taking shape nicely. :grinning: :+1:

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Maciocia had better get the head coach hire right and then stay out of that person's way, let him hire his own staff and make his own decisions. If he fails at that, he'll be gone long before the end of that three-year "plan" period.


Maciocia reprinted the notes he used to convince the Eskimos Board of director in 2002 :slight_smile: