Gary Lawless picks Hamilton

According to the great 5 chins Lawless who I quote, "thinking man takes tabbies" lawless believes that Calgary folds like a cheap tent and the tabbies win tomorrow. Can not believe that anyone takes this guy serious and that he has his own radio show as the only sport he knows and demonstrates well is the sport of eating.

Well, if, IF the Cats win, it will ONLY be because Calgary chokes. Otherwise they are quite overmatched.

Like I asked my buddy OrangeShoes last nite at the Lion's Den 'So, do you think Hamilton has a chance tomorrow?' He held up his thumb and finger close together. Yup, small chance, I agree. Pretty small.

Lawless is wrong. THINKING man takes the Stamps. Everything in their favor. GAMBLING man take the Cats hoping for another playoff choke, but after watching Calgary destroy Edmonton last week, they're not gonna choke.

Calgary in control the whole way, prolly 35-20ish.

Who's Gary Lawless?