Gary Guyton

Les Alouettes ont acquis les services de Gary Guyton, un gars qui a eu certaines étincelles de succès dans la NFL.

À 6'3", 245 livres, on êut se demander si Guyton arrive pour se tailler un poste comme secondeur ou s'il pourrait être muté à la ligne défensive. Il ne concède que 5 livres à Bowman.

Les Alouettes ont déjà Cox, Hebert, Brouillette, Ferri, Woods, Venable, Boulay et même Edem qui est listé comme secondeur (je fais grâce des autres qui sont soit en développement, soit sur les unités spéciales uniquement). Il me semble que si Guyton devait décrocher un poste de secondeur, la position logique pour ce gars-là serait comme substitut à Hebert. Ils ont sensiblement le même gabarit et j'ai cru comprendre qu'ils avaient des styles voisins l'un de l'autre. Hebert pourrait en être à son dernier contrat, ce qui fait que l'équipe doit planifier en fonction de son éventuel départ.

Cette saison pourrait être cruciale pour Venable et Woods. Ces deux-là sont avec l'équipe depuuis un certain temps, et il serait temps qu'ils percent l'alignement. Guyton est un gars qui pourrait les pousser à faire davantage.

They will try him in both spots but probably easier for him to play DE in the CFL. Its pretty obvious Thorpe wants a bruiser at MLB so I'm sure they will give him a look at MLB if there is a training camp.

Guyton had a great start to his NFL career with New England, then seemed to have hit a wall and bounced around. Im going to ask a friend in Boston whos a big Patriots fan if he remembers him.

Popp said he`s been after him for awhile and that he would be tried at both LB and DE.

Venable I believe is a talented guy who has so far flown under the radar. He had 8 special team tackles last year. I believe the Als are grooming him to replace Cox but I would like to see how he does as a DB.

And I agree it`s a make it or break it training camp for the injury prone Bear Woods.

Incidentally the Als media conference is this afternoon. It`s usually about stuff we already know, but sometimes one or two tidbits come out.

Problem with the conference is that most of the reporters ask lame questions. Can pretty much be sure the Ournal is going to ask about Chad Johnson work permit, Will Foucault show up, Popp's contract status and does he get along with Higgins.

Higgins will throw cup cakes at everyone and say how excited he is :lol:

Nice signing. Guyton is a bonified pro football player. As mentioned above he did hit the NFL brick wall after his 4 years in NE and played one game in 2012 for the Chargers. Only so many NFL roster spots and many a player just gets forced out as teams need to look at Rookies etc. But 4 straight seasons as part of the Patriots roster and a starter at times, getting past that iniatial 3 year rookie contract is where many players get lost.
Still only 28, tons of experience and ability, should find his way into the Als defense filing the whole at MLB or opposite Bowman at DE

He is an intriguing addition, with potential at two areas the Als need help in.