Gary Etcheverry`s Strange Methods

Not really Als related, but he was Sask.`s defensive co-ordinator in the Grey Cup, and also a buddy of Don Mathews.

From today`s Regina Leader-Post:

"Under Etcheverry's systems, playbooks and the taking of notes wasn't allowed. He felt players performed and learned better without them.

"A playbook is a beautiful thing and I almost didn't know what to do with it," veteran defensive halfback Lance Frazier said with a chuckle. "It's not so important for the vets, because we get the basics of the game. The new guys need something they can see and can relate to. Not having a playbook was brilliant and it was Etcheverry's idea. It made us rely on each other more and he said we always learned best by teaching. We all had to step up and help the young guys. As we were teaching, we were learning as well. Now having a playbook, we can take it home and read it over."


But stopping the run was a whole different story. Riders were last in that category.

Everything about Etcheverry is weird LOL !