Gary Etcheverry as Riders new defensive co-ordinator

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According to the Vancouver Province Gary Etcheverry is to be named the Riders new defensive co-ordinator.

Gary was my number one preference! I'm very interested to see who his defensive staff will comprise? Rumor has it that it'll be Dave Richie and Kavis Reed which sits very well with me.

What about the above happy to be green?

I would love that.

If we were to get Dave and Kavis i may just cry tears of joy

Just to name these rumor sources for you happy to be green. I understand this to be a rumor from reading Rod Petersons latest article on this website and from reading a Rob Vanstone article just before the holidays.

Curious why so many are up on Kavis Reed.

Did he run a good defence while he was Hamilton’s defensive coordinator? No…

Did he run a good defence in Toronto last season as their defensive coordinator? No…

Did he have the personnel to have a good defence in either city? No......................

Oh I agree about Hamilton........

But Toronto had one of the top defences in the league in 2007; did they all grow old overnight and lose their talent for 2008?

Did Rich Stubler totally absolve himself of coaching defense? No. Did Don Matthews, known for his defensive prowess, become a bumbling idiot overnight? No. Jack, on this one, I think even the Argos insiders would agree...they clearly allowed their defense to get too old and too slow. As the old saying goes, "the film doesn't lie."

The transformation process (from old to young) began with Don's arrival. I strongly expect that we'll see a much faster group of athletes in blue this year...and, perhaps, a much improved Argo squad (I hear a lot of good things about Bart Andrus). But, looking back at 2008, no, I don't think Kavis was the problem in any respect. He's a very good coach and an equally good person.

Kavis Reed is rumored to be our DB's coach, not our defensive coordinator as Gary was named that today. I'm not sure how "high" I'd be if he was our D-coordinator. But no one deserves to be judged based on their performance in Hamilton (our legion of former Ti-Cats is history of that) and look at what a disaster Toronto's upper management was last year.

Is Dave Ritchie still in the running to be an assistant?

sounds like mr tillman thinks highly of kavis reed

I do like and respect Kavis. And, it's an extension of a philosophy I try to bring to everyday life: looking at people and seeing their best qualities and characteristics, not their worst.

The two best pieces of advice my Father gave me where the following:

Forgiveness is the best gift you can ever give other people...and yourself!

If you look at people and view them by their worst habits and worst moments, you won't like or respect many people!

I only wish that I was half the man my Father was!

You guys blew it. I offered you guys Rick Campbell...a D-coordinator for a D-coordinator. :stuck_out_tongue:

But seriously, I hope you guys find the right personnel. I hope Gary can continue to have the same success as Hall. The Riders are tied with the Cats for second place as my favourite team. I look forward to meeting you guys in 2009.

And, your new head coach is a terrific guy. We had dinner and a great chat Saturday night before he took off for Edmonton (Monday morning).

I`m ecstatic to have Hall as our HC. Anything is an upgrade from Danny M. But I still wish you guys luck.

Great decision in my opinion. My first choice would be Richie Hall, but he is living his dream in Edmonton. Etcheverry would probably be next in line.

Next step, sign Mo and Anton.

I am hoping that Hall's dream does not turn into a nightmare. I think Maccioca is going to micromanage things as per usual.

Don't kid yourself dude. I know where your TRUE allegiance lies.