Gary Crowton new Offensive Co-ordinator

Lets all laugh a little.


We will definitely foster and encourage the young fan along the way. In keeping with our hypocratic oath of the mod. :?

...I see area has got the message and is referring to Brink as a wonderful ally...I guess he's seen the light :lol: :lol: :lol:

Or...been "'helped" to see the light! :slight_smile:

Nice that you have the ability to rewrite the posts of others.

One of the reasons I continue to be a Bomber fan instead of an Argo fan despite the fact I was born in Toronto and live close by, is the fact that I prefer honesty over deceit !

....The only thing futile around here is your attempt to dump junk on a new Bomber hire...Read this...NO ONE BELIEVES hop on your horse and bu##ger off back from whence you came...We do know who you are and a total banning from our site can be arranged :wink:

Coaching hire are always a risk no matter who you hire.

Matthews in Montreal in 2002. Worked out
Matthews in Toronto in 2010. Failed

Same Coach with 8 years more experience but different place, time and other factors such as health and age.

People were convinced Kelly was a great hire and Trestman terrible. You never know. You got to let it play out.

Take it to the main forum, insults will not be tolerated here.

I'm assuming area 51 is about 12 years old.No one else would go so far out of their way to put down one team.I suspect that if ignored then he will go away like most unruly children.It will be interesting to see how Crowton makes out. He seems to PLP'as pick so I suspect their fates will go hand in hand.Some coaches make the transition easily and others don't but it's not as if he is the head coach.We certainly had a lot of room for improvement last year.Hopefully Crowton can be another piece to the puzzle.A shored up Oline would go along way to curing this teams offensive woes.

Aulcee, methinks your right. Sometimes I find it difficult to not retaliate to an attack. I will strive to improve.