Gary Crowton new Offensive Co-ordinator

....Bombers hired Gary Crowton as the new OC. in the Peg. ...A former coach in the nfl (Bears) and late of the ncaa...All i can say is this guy has got quite a successful record..Doesn't possess any CFL experience but then neither did Trestman...I like this hire...New blood with a different style...Likes the spread type offence which really suits our game..Looking forward to see what this guy can do..I think we have a winner :thup: :rockin:

Dang ! Lapolice not the OC this year :cry:

....heh heh......with the talent Crowton brings, Paul will probably be put in an advisory capacity ONLY :thup: :lol:

Interesting hire for sure. Will be interesting to see how he adapts to Canadian ball.

Interesting hire. Considering his lack of CFL experience I'm guessing this will allow LaPo to keep the playcalling responsibilities?

Good bio on Crowton - It looks like

Some things about this hire worry me. Looks like he was in the hunt for an OC job somewhere having "left" Maryland's staff and had interviewed for that spot in Utah, it's a bit vague whether its because he was forced out or left on his own.

The Terrapins are coming off a disastrous season in which they followed up a 9-4 campaign with a 2-10 would appear that Maryland fans will look far more positively upon Crowton leaving
Also as HC of BYU they started off great and then got worse, but maybe he's just not cut out to be a HC.

I'm hoping whatever happened in Maryland was just a blip and we get the guy who's offenses have put up record numbers elsewhere.

His credentials are as good as you can expect for a guy who's never coached in the CFL. The league needs new blood, and whether or not he fails or succeeds, he should be given a chance. At least with his experience running spread offenses, he won't hire a tight ends coach à la Bart Andrus. :lol:

I like it, very experienced OC with the spread style, the CFL game should be to his liking.

"Good credentials"? A "successful record"?

Hahaha....are you talking about Gary Crowton? This guy has been a complete disaster everywhere he's been.

Crowton actually had his play calling duties removed halfway through his second (and last) season with the Bears. That's the equivalent of telling someone to just go stand in the corner because you'll do the job yourself.

Somehow he got a HC job at BYU and took over a loaded team in his first year, but from then on it went downhill fast.

Strange how Crowton couldn't do anything offensively at Oregon with Dennis Dixon as QB - - and the year Crowton leaves Dixon becomes a Heisman candidate.

Then he gets run out of LSU for being so incompetent as the OC and blames everyone but himself crying about how he wasn't allowed to run his own scheme.

So how did it work out in Maryland with the "Crowton offence"? 2-10.

Don't kid yourself - - Crowton didn't arbitrarily "leave" Maryland, he got his ass fired. Terrible hire for Winnipeg.

40 - 12 in 4 years at LSU and he's failure?

spending the previous four seasons with Louisiana State University (LSU) as offensive coordinator, where he helped the Tigers set 10 school records in 2007, en route to claiming the National Championship. Those records included points in a season (541), points per game (38.6), touchdowns scored (64), total yards (6,152) and first downs (316) among many others. LSU also scored at least 40 points a school-record seven times that season. The Tigers compiled a 40-12 overall mark during Crowton?s tenure.
At least try to troll like a pro man.

He's right that the guy's track record is not very good but his skill set is a good fit with a CFL offense. it's not like he's a GM or stepping in to a HC position. He wasn't hired to build a program, he's hired to add some twists to the offense, completely different thing. As a HC yes he would be right.

You can pick apart anyones career, especially a guy who's been around the block as long as Crowton. But if you're going to do that, you have to give credit for the success too.

Good point Brown Eye...errr, I mean Pig Eye.

If you're only going to look at the 2007 LSU team as the barometer for Crowton's career you're just fooling yourself. LSU was so loaded they could have coached themselves in 2007.

Maybe you could enlighten everyone as to why the Bears took away Crowton's headset and playbook halfway through his second season in Chicago.

Or why he only lasted two years at Oregon and couldn't accomplish anything while he was there?

And how did he only last one pathetic year at Maryland?

It's one thing for coaches to jump from job to job every few years as they climb the hierarchy ladder. But when a coach is getting fired every few years, that should tell you all you need to know.

And we haven't even talked about the fact that Crowton has ZERO experience in the CFL. Having success in the CFL with no previous experience as Trestman did is not the norm...the failures are far more frequent.

Good Luck Winnipeg - - enjoy the upcoming Crowton car wreck!

The guy is clearly not HC material. The question should be can he do the job of being an OC to a HC who intends on calling the plays until he's satisfied this guy can do the job ? What is the worst that can happen ? He gets his microphone taken away midway through the season and Lapolice goes back to what he was doing. Strenght of this team is defense anyway. You could put any OC there and they will still be the fourth offense in the division.

lol, I thought I recognized that posting style, welcome back.

.....I guess Alex Brink must have heard all about Crowton and the failure he was, eh arena 51...That's why Alex was glad to hear he was coming to the Peg...I notice this troll didn;t bring-up the successful parts of his career to date :lol: Best to ignore negative nellies like this poster cuz he has no credibility...I don't believe Crowton has coached a down in THIS league so I'll reserve judgement on his capabilities unti he does :wink:

I have no idea about this guy but i do like that he is a career coach who is coming fresh into the CFL. Boy his, and others, resumes sure point out how much you move when you are not, at minimum, a HC.

Brink is doing everything he can to get a contract. What did you expect him to say? Brink knows his only possible chance at being anything more than a clipboard holder is to resign in Winnipeg, so of course he's going to be a HARD WORKING CONTENDER.

I don't know about that. An older Ricky Ray behind that Argo Oline...which also has Picard, Robertson, and Murphy headed to FA.

....We don't need that kind of reference to OUR qb. on this site....You want to talk half decent calling crap we don't need :thdn:

I now realize this guy has a little less going for him than I first gave him credit. If I were an Argo fan I would not want him posting under that banner.

Troll much?