Garry Jeffries

Does anyone think that Gary Jefferies the Head Coach of Laurier could be a potentiol candidate for HC or OC? what hes done with the Golden Hawks the past 4 years (including a vanier cup) is amazing!
just a thought :slight_smile:

I don't think Bob is willing to take a chance on another university coach, who has no history with the CFL after what happened with Greg Marshall...wrong time to make a university coach our head coach. University coaches need to observe under a Veteren head coach for a couple years to learn the ropes...and then they can make the jump to head coach. It looks good if that coach is winning but when most times the coach is losing, it looks bad on the organization...just my opinion

Jefferies could fill the bill as OC, but Mr. Desjardins has already stated, he wants a head coach with professional experience, so the question becomes redundant.

Reading the papers these days, I get the impression that Taaffe, the one whom most of us have picked to lead us to the promised land, may opt for the Montreal Alouettes which could start a bidding war for his services between Montreal and Hamilton.

His CFL successes are were in Montreal and it might take a lot to get him to come here.
The best thing for the Ticats to do would be to leave all doors open for "good" prospects.

No. I believe his skills and temperament are best suited to being one of the best, if not the best CIS coaches. Coach Laurier to a few more Vaniers and then retire.

If Jeffries were to be a candidate for TiCats H.C -what would it have to do with coach Marshal, 2004 coach of the year in CFL.? is Marshal,s fireing now a set back for ALL other CIS,or other canadian trained coaches?


No CIS coach should leapfrog
into a CFL Head Coaching job.

They need to apprentice as assistants
and work their way through the ranks

like Jim Daley and Cal Murphy did.

After Marshall drove this team into the ground, how, in the name of all creatues great and small, can anyone suggest that another CIS coach should become a CFL head coach?


Took the words right out of my mouth, Ron.

CIS and CFL are two different animals.

But Taffe can hire somebody right out of the NCAA as OC and it will be ok ??

Taffe has CFL experience

No. I would expect nothing less than a coach with CFL head-coaching experience. No more time for on-the-job training. We been there and done that.

habman said

But Taffe can hire somebody right out of the NCAA as OC and it will be ok ??

Although they are trained under different rules, habman
they know the psychological mind set and culture of players
who come from the radically different NCAA NFL culture.

P.S. the other coaches can help them
to quickly adapt to Canadian football rules.

OC maybe ,never coach!

Of course it will be okay. Ron and I are just suggesting that the new Head Coach have CFL coaching experience. I

If Taaffe (should he become our HC, which I find doubtful) wanted to bring in assistants from trhe NCAA, I wouldn't object to that, but personally, I'd prefer to see the assistants have Canadian university experience.

The main point here is that we are suggesting that the new head coach should be a proven winner with CFL experience. (If possible)