Cortez should put a 250 pound OL in for garrett at least we would have some protection for DD. There is no running game anyways. Where is Sanders?

Yep! I think this experiment has failed... I know Jock had a brain fart for 2 games, and the Riders were trying to get more depth for a Grey Cup run, but I seriously think it's time to take Garrett off the 42, and give Jock another shot.
Seriously, The entire offence has had a brain fart for 4 games and we keep giving them another shot.

I have nothing against Garrett, and I think he is a talented player. The last 2 games has shown that he is rusty, and the fact he has had no training camp is blatantly obvious.

Get Jock in there and give him a second chance... I just hope Jock shows he is a professional and plays well

This is correct if you are not going to run the ball please bring in some help on the blocking , there were more than a few turn sile blocks out there. We can not continue to give up on the run , 12 attempts in this game I believe , even a minor league DC is going to figure this out in a hurry and start sending the house , and DD does not do well under pressure.

Il n’est pas facile pour un demi de courir contre les Alouettes. Leurs secondeurs (Cox, Emry, Hebert, Brouillette) sont très rapides et referment les ouvertures rapidement. En plus, il arrive souvent que les joueurs s’alignent à 7 ou 8 à la ligne de mêlée, ce qui rend la tâche plus difficile en ce qu’il y a un surnombre de joueurs à bloquer.

Nous avons Messam sur notre équipe, un gars de 6’ 3" et 245 lbs. Ça n’aide pas vraiment nos jeunes quarts, parce que s’il est fort, il n’est par ailleurs pas un très bon bloqueur, ni un très bon dépanneur. Whitaker fait un bien meilleur travail que lui même s’il lui concède 40 lbs.

Je sais que la tertiaire des Alouettes (Parker, Edem, Brown, Tisdale et Gainey) est très bonne, mais je m’interroge réellement sur le rendement récent des receveurs des Roughriders. Il semble que les adversaires ont trouvé une façon de les couvrir qui rend Durant moins à l’aise dans ses décisions.

Yes, it's called blitzing. You can cover anybody if you only have to cover them for 1.5 seconds. No disrespect to the Als secondary, they are very good, but Winnipeg and Toronto's secondary are just as good ... when they play the Riders, who have an offensive scheme that cannot handle a blitz to save its life.


We FINALLY started to see some adaptation against the Als...some passing over the middle, changing formations...simply not enough.

  • Going double end was great, but they never ran out of it. The Als ran double end a bit...they also rushed from it. You can't use 3 receivers and not rush at all. I learned this by 6, and understood it by 8.
  • Passing over the middle. They moved the ball, and sure, some were missed, but it made defenders respect moves to the inside, thus opening up the outside a bit. They still didn't do enough of it. The inside plays are often referred to as the hard yards...I firmly believe you need hard yards to win. This is where Clermont, Fantuz and Carr are so critical...they can take that punishment. The Riders do lack some of that, so they need to do timing routes over the middle, because timing routes minimize that huge impact. The slants that the Ticats ate the Riders up with last season are a perfect example of that.

Well said Depop! And the irony in it all is the fact that Cortez was the genius behind those slant plays that Hamilton killed us with last season.
Another thing is the hitch screen.... The Riders have not run that play in about 6 games. Most of the time Taj Smith dekes himself out trying to gain YAC yards, Dressler is knicked up a bit with that shoulder, and maybe they do not want to risk Bagg's knee on hard yards. And as you mentioned, not having the Fantuz, Clermont, Nik Lewis type SB to make those key blocks does not help either. The Duron Carter Touchdown against the Riders last week was a perfect example .... Nieswander had the ball released with 1 to 2 seconds.

I think they should look at using McHenry and Hughes a little more out of the backfield as well.... Those guys have a little more beef to them for hard yards. But the key is to get those guys past the Front 4 so they can grind down the smaller DBS and LBS

It is time to get Sanders back on the Roster as a RB starter or back up if Sheets is healty. Back to returner as well. the signing of Rod williams means that he is there to play and Jackson is not that good at DB and no room if he is just retrning Kicks and punts.
Did see McHenry again in the game playing in the back field as a FB/ H-Back where he and the Riders saw a lot of success until he was injured.
Not sure why they have the kid from Mcmaster on the roster as a FB/TE over a more experienced Stephanson, great blocker from the TE spot, can catch the ball, and awesome special teamer

We have clearly abandoned the running game since Kory went down... what are we now even "trying" .... 5 -12 attempts a game and then give it up?

Particularly in the Mtl game where it was close all game, we had time to try give Garret or Hughes more attempts, even just a few... but it seemed we gave up, no confidence..

And then we slipped fully back into predictable and slow motion panic ..........

Plus in slow motion panic mode we still seem to try for a bomb to win or get back in the game when at that moment we still just need a first down with time for one or two more plays.

The teams confidence is very low, no matter what they say....and at some point this thing of 1-0 ,, or 0-1, is not serving the mentality, this team is a dangerous combination now of not being hungry and not being concerned/worried moving forwards.... that spells flat line in my books

The thing that bugs me is that the rushing numbers early in the game were not much under how Sheets typically starts a game off.

yep,, we didnt stick with it at all.. and the opponents have learned to count on us giving up on the run

If the worry was about sanders blocking ability then more use of McHenry at H-Back to stay in and block or release into the routes like early in the season. Sanders would then be free to relaes out for passing or motion into a slot. Could measn a lil less PT for Bagg but would be worth it for a Run Game and bagg can always come in for obvious 5 wide pass situations with Hughes lining up as DDs personel protecter

Few RBs are going to block effectively without game time. People can trash his blocking all they want...yet when an OL guy comes in they generally understand it will take a few games. It is often more difficult for a RB because they first need to determine where the extra pressure is coming from, then need to block a guy that has momentum. It is not simply a light switch.

I agree and I am not even sure that Sanders is not a good blocker that was just a theory that has been discussed about why Garrett has gotten the roster spot and not Sanders. Still think it is time to get Sanders back onto the roster as the Hybrid. Returning punts kicks, Running back and slot back reverses etc. Very dangerous weapon sitting around in civis

I would rather see him on the O and not returning punts as TJ is doing a good job there right now, minus all the penalties. I am not a Garrett fan would prefer to see Sanders or Hughs take Sheets place till he returns.JMO

Garrett hasn't even had the chance to show what he is capable of. Honestly he has looked fine when he gets the ball in his hands and when our line makes holes for him. I really was not understanding why they went away from the run game so quickly last week.. He had a few nice runs early on then he got stuffed a few times and we stop running entirely.

On a side note I want Sanders back in the line up badly. He isn't just a RB but a multi-weapon. He is a Darren Sproles type player who can kill you with his speed as a runner as well as in the receiving game. Last year we utilized him as a change of pace back as well as SB on certain plays. Not to mention having both him and sheets in at the same time you never knew which one was getting the ball! When we had both him and Sheets going our offense was unstoppable last year!

As far as the run game goes WHY ISN'T DURRANT RUNNING!!!! WHY?!!??!?!?! We are not utilizing our weapons to their fullest potential! Whether it be Durant or Sanders or our WR's we aren't using them well at all.. Durant starts running it forces teams to have to keep an eye on him leading to more blown coverages, as well as teams have to let up on the blitz because when you are blitzing so many people it leaves huge chunks of open space for the QB to run. I don't get this.. we have all the weapons in place but we keep falling short..

Oui, mais Garrett est un très mauvais bloqueur. Et ça, ça joue beaucoup contre Durant.

Les Roughriders se sont ajustés au blitz en ajoutant des formations à 2 ailiers rapprochés, mais les Alouettes se sont aussi ajustés en envoyant plus de joueurs en poursuite et en faisant une couverture individuelle. Là encore, ça n'aide pas nécessairement Durant parce qu'il n'a plus autant de cibles. À moins qu'un demi défensif rate sa couverture, il n'a pas d'option de passe non plus.

Peut-être est-il temps de faire plus de jeux avec Hughes?

That could work also. I am also a little miffed about why Stephanson has been on the PR for so long anopther good blocker out of the TE spot and can catch the ball from that poition.
It took Cortez to use Stephanson Successfully iun that capacity on Offense last season in Hamilton during the last few games maybe he will do the same this season