Garrett or Reid?

Though it's only been 2 games, I think I've seen enough. Garrett has that spark that Reid lost.

When Fred Reid heals from his injury after surgery, I think that the Bombers will ditch Fred at a Regina motel like they did to Charles Roberts, or even worse, trade him there for future considerations. The Bombers are known for throwing players and coaches under the team bus, after all.

...I think Fred will be given a shot at retaining his spot next year at tc.....If he can outplay Garrett....we have a nice problem on our hands :wink:

Garrett has for sure earned a fair shot at #1. I loved his running at the end of the game when the D knew what was coming.he had his chance and stepped up.

I said pre-season that I thought Garrett would be our running back by week 6. Granted I was off by a number of weeks, but I've like him since last season...

Garrett looks REALLY good.

I have a hard time believing Reid will come back at 30 years old from a torn ACL and be able to outplay Garrett with the way Garrett has played in these two games. But he'll be given his shot.

With Garrett and Volny - both 24 - we could be pretty set at RB for a long time.

Absolutely agree. It's sad to say, but the life of a running back, ain't a long one...

Garrett's amazing no doubt.Fred Reid just doesn't seem to have the same edge anymore, though tossing him without giving him another shot might come back to bite you ala Toronto Argonauts.'s a funny thing but when i saw Garrett get a chance to show his stuff last year, i thought this guy has to stick around...I'm going to predict right now that Garrett will be the no 1 back for the Bombers and Volny will be the back-up....Some serious talent we have here and bodes well for a solid future :thup: Freddie is in tough..

Based on what we've seen so far, I think you are correct papa. Garrett has been very impressive, and Reid was less so this season. Not really a surprise, running backs seem to have the shortest shelf life in the CFL.

I wasn't able to see the MTL game but Garrett did look good vs the TiCats. Then again, he was bolstered by what was probably the best game the Oline has had as a group all season long. Its a little too soon to give Garrett the full time job. Keep in mind that he was in camp at the end of last year and got a game in at RB and some time returning kicks, came into camp this year with that experience under his belt and he couldn't win out the job over Reid. You can rag on Reid on all you want, he had a tough season prior to his injury but the line in front of him wasn't playing that well and almost every play call asked for him to run up the middle, causing teams to stack up the box against him. Garrett has 1/2 a season to make a name for himself, then he has to perform again in camp next year to win/keep the job, I don't think it's still premature to anoint him anything after only 2 games, have seen too many guys flash and then disappear over the years. Even if Reid can't come back, I wouldn't right off Volny too soon as a feature. He showed flashes of being a good ball carrier and if he can learn some ball security he could factor in to the feature back equation next year also.

And in camp this year Reid wasn't a 30 year old coming off of an ACL tear and Garrett had one game, not half a season, of experience at RB - and Reid was coming off a CFL rushing title - let's be real, his name was written in pen on the starting roster.

Also, they ran outside a few times and got a whole lot of nothing every time they tried it. Yeah after every game we heard, why don't we run Reid outside? Maybe it was because the few times they did try a toss they lost yards, maybe got a gain of one or two.

Besides, it's not like saying every play called was a run up the middle is any defense for Reid. Garrett being better suited for the style of play we want to call doesn't help Reid's case.

Like I said, Reid will get his chance to keep his job, I'd just be shocked if it happened.

Not to take anything away from Garrett but a poster at the Extra Point pointed out that in the Ticats game they weren't exactly loading up the box against Garrett like teams were when Reid was in the line-up.