Garrett on the limp

...By the sounds of it looks like Garrett is going to be on the ir for awhile...Lapolice thinks he broke his ankle at practise...Tough luck for the guy...Good thing we brought in a couple of good rbs. in Dorzon and Simpson and Volny should be ready to go soon...There sure seems to be a lot of key injuries to players this preseason and practise...I hope we're not snake bit....Don't want to see anymore guys go down.. :x

From the Bombers:

@Darren_Cameron: Disappointed to announce Chris Garrett is out for the season after tearing his achilles tendon in practice today. ...
I'm certainly wishing him the best and hope he has a complete recovery.

....Done for the year....ouch...First Mallett in the hammer now Garrett here :thdn: Well i guess we're going to find out how good our depth is...GO Bloi de Doorsoff.....orrrrrrr maybe Simpson or Woodson steps in or Volny... Get ready guys

Dorzon showed well in preseason. Simpson has some talent as well. Volny showed well in the reps he got and looked good taking over after Reid's injury before he got hurt himself. If he can return to form at some point this year would greatly benefit the team. And Woodson seems like he can turn into a good NI back with option of sliding out of the backfield into a receiving position. Solid, young depth and no panic button on bringing in an aging has been. This is the mark of a well built team. Too bad for Garrett. He knows full well what an opportunity a season ending injury can be for the next guy. He should be well motivated to get back to 100% and ready for next year.

Cates and Joffrey Reynolds are waiting for the call!!


Yikes. What is it with running backs this season? Let's hope the rest of the league's tailbacks stay healthy. Best wishes to Garrett on a speedy recovery. It's too bad Reid isn't ready to play or else he might be an option for Winnipeg.

He's done,probably career. Thats usually it for a running back when the achilles goes, snap, crackle, and pop.

Having just experienced, pretty much the same thing, you guys have my sympathies. Looks like Fred Reid is coming back.

Used to be - not quite so bad these days with better treatment and rehab therapies. Still, it is often career threatening.

yes, rehabilitation treatments are much improved in recent years, however, sheared/torn tendons never regain pre-injury sinew properties due to fibrosis aggregation, vasculitis and ischemia.

In other words, Garrett will never be the same.
Which is a downright shame as he possessed immense star potential.
While he may return next season, it is highly improbable to return to previous form.
Sadly, TiCats Martel Mallet suffered a similar injury, and likely a similar career fate.

These type of injuries are dreadful scenarios for pro athletes.

Killer injury. almost a year just getting mobility back as in "walking, going up stairs". If he was a linesman maybe but for a running back its retirement.

Reid’s rehab must have accelerated since he was let go by the Als a couple of weeks back. Apparently he was not ready at that point.