Garrett McIntyre & Samuel Giguere Info

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LB #50
College:Fresno State
NFL Experience:1

Right now he on the 4th Team so I like out chances of getting him back
Unless he shows something I can't see the jets keeping him.

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Samuel Giguere
WR #2
Height: 5-11
College: Université de Sherbrooke

If Sam dose not make an NFL Roster This year he Must Return to CFL
he can not be signed to practice Roster again

Would we even have room for McIntyre on our 42 man roster?

Only thing I can think of is if you took Daniel Francis off and added either C-Rwab or Dylan Barker. Then you could drop Ivan Brown or Sean Ortiz and add McIntyre.

we have to make room if he still under contract

We Sam coming we also have shake up at WR.

Ti-Cats could always trade their rights.

Just because Giguere would be ineligible for an NFL PR spot doesn't mean he'd come to the Cats. He could just as simply sit and wait for another NFL opportunity. Or he could stop playing football all together. But if he does come, I think it would be pretty easy to find a spot for him.

Like Jordan, I looked at the Ti-Cats' roster, and it would be a very difficult decision on what to do with the roster should he come back. But you'd have to think the front office has already prepared itself for this happening.

Should be interesting to see what happens.

Also depends how long they are willing to sign for. Do you want to shake up your roster for a guy who shows up in October and willing to sign a 1+1 ? That amounts really to a one year commitment.

It would be easy to make room for Giguere, McIntyre poses a problem though. I’m not sure how much you would get for McIntyre in a trade, he’s a good player but he’s more of a run stopper than a pass rusher. I’m not sure how far that gets you in the CFL (As a defensive end).

Good luck to them both, but it would be great to see them in black and gold (no, not Steelers).

With Ottawa returning soon, the league should expand the roster primarily to give more flexiblity juggling the ratio. The reason why it’s tricky trying to slot McIntyre on the active roster is the n/i quota. As it’s easier to find talented imports than non, an increased roster allows for a guy like McIntyre to play while not at the expense of a Canadian.

Thanks for the links Tom.

I love to see them both back ..
It would mean starting two Canadians at DT to keep Mcintyre
Releasing Albert or placing on the 1 game injury list
if We get Sam Then Glen McKay may go ...

Somebody mentioned Sam has bought a home in the Montreal area, I think the Cats would be under big time pressure to trade him to french speaking Montreal. Montreal is a big favorite of players wanting to locate. Hamilton has always been the underdog (cat) in that respect, that's one of the reasons why the Cats are my beloved team. :thup:


If anything the pressure would be on MTL to come up with a good enough to deal for Obie to let him go. Obie holds all the cards here.

Your right Obie does hold all the cards but Sam would be a big draw in Montreal and Obie would be drawn to do what's right for the CFL.....Maybe.

When the CFL starts signing Obie’s cheque then he’s obligated to do what’s right for the league.

Doing what's right for the CFL is doing whats right for The TC and Obie. :wink:

Pure fantasy. Obie will move heaven and earth to get his name on a contract. If he cant he has all the time in the world to entertain offers. Zero pressure.

I hope his top priority is to do what's right for the team paying him. Before he lets Giguere go, he better have one heck of a trade lined up. Let's see. What's Montreal have that we need?

As a CDN every team in the league will be interested in him. Obie would have the league at his feet as far as offers go...

So Sam has never played a down in the CFL and kicked around the practise roster in the NFL and that makes him an instant starter here? No tryout but he's automatically a starter. Every player on the Ticat roster had to compete and work hard to earn a position yet we just welcome this guy to Canada as a starter? I could understand if he was a starter in the NFL and lost his position but all he has done is returned a couple of kicks for the Giants last year.

A lot and Obie would be ready to shop. :thup:

Money would be the only thing keeping him from signing a contract here. Team would give him every chance to succeed before he would be traded.
If other teams what to overvalue and overpay him before he has ever played a down that's not Obie's problem.