Garrett McIntyre Released

8) According to Drew Edwards today, the Cats have released IMP DE Garrett McIntyre, presumeably to make room for Jamall Johnson on the roster !!!

Hopefully Johnson can come in and make an impact quick.
He got back from NFL Camp so He should be good.

Jamall Johnson? So what? No LT. In 42 games he had 66 tackles or an average of 28 for a 18 games season. No big deal! He will not bring you more victories. Rejects of Lions. Floyd,Johnson Knowlton and so on.


He was not a Lions reject. He simply signed an NFL contract when his CFL contract ended after the 08 season. Besides.. lots of "rejects" go to different teams and have success.

Considering the state of the Cats and the Leos the past 5 seasons I feel comfortable that even a BC reject could very well be an upgrade although Johnson is clearly not a reject

This is the CFL..."reject" reclamation IS what it's all about, FFS!

Damon Allen? Do I have to draw anyone a road map to show where he went over his career?

The 2007 Hamilton Roughriders...I mean Saskatchewan Roughriders because the roster was Hamilton West! :wink:

Anthony Calvillo? If one can watch the Als for years and not recognize how he resurrected his career after being allowed to walk from the's trash is another's treasure, folks!

I could go on. In an eight-team league, talent evaluation demands that the waiver wire is a weapon in upgrading one's roster. Heck, a majority of imports in the CFL are NFL cuts! How good are your rejects? That's the issue.

Oski Wee Wee,

Could not agree more. According that poster Oshea would have been a Ticat reject. How utterly laughable

I bet it’s to make room for an incoming DE (hopefully Montez Murphy as I’ve been praying the last 2 weeks.)

Maybe Obie wants to Mace or DLine. :wink:

According to Drew Edwards’ blog, McIntyre has now been added to the practice roster. Maybe this Cat has nine lives.

Siskowic was released to make way for Johnson.

8) No he wasn't !!! Siskowic was not on the active roster.
   It was McIntyre that was released to make room for Johnson on the active roster, and that was a direct quote from Drew Edwards on his blog  !!!  (presumeably Drew said)

It looks to be McIntyre who was replaced by Johnson but it was actually Siskowic that was released from the team to make room for Johnson... McIntyre is still with the team just on the practice roster.. as Siskowic was released and will not be back with the team...

So what I'm getting too is that diesel27 is correct, It is Siskowic out, Johnson in... With McIntyre on the PR.

Siskowic was not released to make room for Johnson. Siskowic was on the one game injury list and his being released has absolutely nothing to do with Johnson. Releasing players on the injury list or practice roster has nothing to do with the active roster. McIntyre, who was on the 46-man active roster was the one who was released (and being offered a spot on the practice roster) to make room for Johnson. Tipper was correct.

Siskowic had to go back on the roster for the game in BC so would've needed an active roster spot or a practice roster spot. He was only on the 1 game injured list. He had to be released for room to open up on the PR (likely where he was going), so they could slide an active McIntyre into the PR and Johnson onto the active.

BINGO!! He was on the ONE game injured list witch means after the first game he is suppose to be added back to the active roster... Now obviously the team found a better linebacker and knew Siskowic was going to be taking up his roster spot before the next game...

Now does everyone who thinks Siskowic wasn't released in favour of Jamall Johnson, understand??

Let me recap the situation, Siskowic was released and sent packing because he would have to take up an active or practice roster spot and we found a better linebacker to take his place.. McIntyre was released and then added back to our team but as a PR(Practice Roster) player. So in the end there was no room on either roster..

Am I just repeating my self or is it just me..

So let me make this even easier to understand…

Siskowic = Released
Johnson = Active Roster
McIntyre = Practice Roster

Johnson(a linebacker) added to the team… Siskowic(a linebacker) removed from the team… looks pretty straight forward to me.

8) Sorry, you are wrong !!! Siskowic was not even with the team in any capacity !!! He was asked to go on the practice roster after the final cutdown date and he refused to do it !!!
  He had already decided to leave Hamilton and return to Las Vegas, which he did  !!!

  Ask "OnKnight" if you need any further clarification on this  !!!!     <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->
8) No, it's just you !!! Read "mightypopes" posting on the previous page if you need any further explanation !!!!
  Read my posting in the above thread to explain the situation clearly  !!!

  Siskowic was not released to make room for J. Johnson !!! 

  It was McIntyre that was released, then he was added to the practice roster !!!!!

So Gbonds, using your logic every player that was on the one game injury list must be added to the active roster before the BC game...LOL...Do you even have a clue about roster management in the CFL...