Garrett Marino Released

And apparently a verdict has been rendered . Judge guilty and sentenced and Lucky got lucky and was found to be not guilty and has all charges dropped .

more here from 3DN...

Hope the Lions come out roaring and get revenge for their team mate "on the field". Hopefully it'll be like the old time Leaf - Red wings battles.

I wouldn't ordinarily care for this game but now its must see TV.

Also can't wait for the next Saints - Bucs game.

Football is an awesome sport.


Good chance this will be the most watched game this weekend :heart::canada::football:

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i lived in van for years and i’d have to agree lol

Im rooting for the Calgary players to shut Whitehead up.

If Lucky's smart he'll shut himself up & save them the bother.

He's not.

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booo! go LIONS :grin:

i love Lucky but i don’t condone sh*tty behaviour after games.

As a Bombers fan it's in our best interests to cheer Calgary..... Nope just can't do it. I suspect Calgary will win but will cheer for BC.

Lived in BC for decades. Doesn’t matter what sport, my favourite team is whomever is playing Vancouver.

i still live there. my fav team in any sport is whoever is playing toronto. but more than a team fan, i love CFL football and i watch every game.

also FWIW, i grew up in cowtown and always hated the stamps


If Campbell is smart he won't dress Lucky for this game . If he has any brains he should just make him a healthy scratch and 1 gm him on the IL .

It would probably help keep the game under control, but Lucky is a weapon they will need. Games have been so damn close you can't give up any advantage. We'll see.


Good one

For many of us, getting punched in the face in a parking lot would not be something that makes us feel especially “lucky.”


When I first read this I pictured the van that Cheech & Chong drove around in.

Hey Bendeco! :grin:

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hahaha i’d love to be driving’ that weed van, up in smoke!


TSN has a lot more on the suspension and what transpired, including quote from Judge. he’s not appealing either.

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This sport is violent enough that its unnecessary to be violent when not in play. This idiot player, Judge only had to wait until this week game to get his revenge on the field. Success is the best revenge.
Judge sure doesn't have the intelligence or level headed-ness to be a Judge....O wait, maybe in the wild west.

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