Garrett Marino Released

From TSN:

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have released American defensive lineman Garrett Marino, the team announced Tuesday.

Marino, 28, was suspended four games, the longest suspension in CFL history, on July 11 for a "dangerous and reckless low hit" on Ottawa Redblacks quarterback Jeremiah Masoli and for making comments about Masoli’s heritage. Masoli was expected to miss 10-12 weeks due to the injury suffered by Marino's hit.

In eight games played this season, the Mission Viejo, Calif., native had nine tackles and a sack.

Good move. Bye bye jackass.


:+1: That's great news for the entire CFL and sends a message - I hope!


It was nasty cheap shot on Collaros this weekend. Glad he's gone.


Hope he can get himself straightened out.
He has all the physical skills. I am not sure if his cheap shots are a recent string or his DNA.

At his Pro Day, Marino showed off his strength and speed. He ran a 4.89 40-yard dash and put up 41 official reps on bench press. Those are some pretty impressive numbers for a 6'2″, 290 defensive tackle.

In 2019, Marino finished his last season at UAB on a high note. He accumulated 43 tackles, 13.5 tackles for loss, six [quarterback sacks]one forced fumble, and seven passes defensed

Well all that and $2 will get you a coffee at Tim Hortons

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The old " million dollar body and 10 cents worth of brains".


I wonder if he exited the locker room with celebratory fist pumping, chest thumping and Tarzan yells?


I got fired once in my life,& when it happened 2 managers were present in the room. I found out later it was company policy, as 'insurance'. One has to wonder how much muscle was on hand when Marino was given his walking papers.


More likely, just dragging his knuckles on the ground.


This reminds me of the time I asked a buddy of mine if he was ever fired from a job, no, he replied, but I was laid off when they were shorthanded. :grin:

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If any team in the CFL picks him up , I would guess Edmonton . He should be treated as a pariah .

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Its too bad this guy couldn't play within the whistles and within the rules; he really has the talent to play and CFL teams already have a tough time getting talented players.
Hope he gets the coaching he needs (both phyical restraint and vocal restraint) and a second chance.
He may end up in XFL or USFL whichever decides to play in 2023.

Dave Naylor
Hearing that a memo has gone-out from CFL commissioner regarding Garrett Marino, reminding teams that he can refuse to register any player contract for any reason deemed valid. Presumably the valid reason in this instance would be player safety. #CFL #Riders


Arena league is very possible also.

Maybe he should change his first name to Dan, and play QB.
Then my guess, the Ticat Mgmt will quickly pick him up.

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More likely the WWF.

More likely at a McDonalds drive thru window .

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Yep, he'll give you your order then take out your legs.


Then use a racial slur depending on your background...


I watched the game and saw immediately that it was a late hit. Perhaps more aggressive than it should have been but I (IMHO) didn't feel that it was a hit that deserved being cut. Was it a cheap shot, yeah but I have seen far worse. History must have played a role in his being let go. No place in any league for any player taking someone else out.