Garrett Marino Punishment

At the suggestion of @PorkyPine and a couple of others I am starting a new thread. There has been much discussion on the game thread and the game is long over. Initial discussion was about the hit itself but that seems to have moved more into the punishment stage, although any comments regarding the hit in question are welcome.
There have been many posts on different threads so I thought it might be a good idea to consolidate them.

The CFL has indicated that there may be a hearing as early as tonight. Whether there is or not they seem to intend to deal with the incident relatively quickly. Punishment could range from a fine (unlikely) to who knows what.

My take in the game thread is that 3 games for the hit would be well deserved, and probably would be more severe than the norm for the CFL. I wouldn’t be opposed to tacking on a game for the taunting after the play. There was also, not for the first time, a leg twist by Marino after the hit. What if this caused the injury or made it worse? There are now reports that Marino also used a racial slur. If so, how should that increase the punishment? That accusation might take a little more time to look into than the play and immediate aftermath. Should there be a suspension for what is known now and potentially a further suspension if the racist allegations are deemed to have legs? Should there perhaps just be an indefinite suspension until it is all sorted? Should Saskatchewan impose further discipline or even cut him?

Talk amongst yourselves.

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I'll wait on the league to have their say before I really get into it. This slur accusation, if there is any evidence, is going to be a major factor. At this point there is nothing from the game officials I have heard supporting this, & I doubt if an opponents word should carry any weight. Unless teammates (willing to divulge on their teammate???) or officials heard slurs, there's no case. The video evidence on the rest speaks for itself.


He's gonna get suspended, I'd put money on that. The question is how many games, and if he'll appeal it.

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Suspended until Masoli comes back and for any games he gets to play if any, make him wear a jersey that instead of showing "MARINO" on the back it shows A..HOLE


I really hope the union doesn’t appeal his punishment. They are in a clear conflict of interest.


Watch Sportsdesk for the unbroadcast footage as he went to the room.......

Plus TSN will have the raw footage and sound from the broadcast. They really turn it down now days but those dish mics pick up a lot...


.....possible ACL, same leg as last year. May never come back....


A 13 game suspension plus any subsequent play-off games if I was the Commish . In other words he would be done for this season . It would work out to 3 games for the hit , 5 games for intent to injure and 5 games for being a complete and total asshole as he was leaving the field .


If it does turn out that way, its a shame.

This was not in any way a "typical" football play, and was well outside the rules.
Potential lawsuit a la Steve Moore vs Todd Bertuzzi?


Thanks for the tip... I'll try to check it out.

Give Ottawa Fajardo for the rest of the season.....and make the Riders foot the bill...

Cover the kids ears....there's not a lot of audio left but what there is....

If he did the racist stuff, that would definitely constitute a potential Code of Conduct violation. That may give both the Riders and the CFL grounds for a Manziel-style banishment. If TSN has incriminating audio, they should definitely submit it to the league.

I'd still like to see Marino put in the gauntlet at an Ottawa practice. I'm a big believer in barracks justice.

As much as I would like to see that there is no way that happens. Will happen... Ie Zak getting a cheap shot ... The perp only got 2 games and I think he appealed to a reduced one game?

My guess is the same as that player who got the suspension from the east semi (I believe). The hit itself would probably be one game max though the celebration afterward may warrent more. So I'm guessing 3 games either league imposed or team imposed

Couldnt find it. They must have pulled the footage

Jerks like Marino have to get their asses out of Canada.


They had it on before the game. Maybe watch the post game version. Or its possible the league office pulled it...

Sadly they will ... just like ALL player unions they contest any punishment initiated by the league because it has been initiated by the league ... I understand they have to defend their members but have long felt their failure to also represent the interests of the victim (and the rest of the players whose future health & safety may be impacted by the idiot who has been suspended) is an absolute abdication of their responsibilities to their membership.


Yeah I don’t know what exactly they do. Certainly they have an obligation to provide representation to him and that’s a must, it should be outside counsel though.

Edit, it was the safe for work version I was thinking of…

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