Garrett & Bernard

I touched on this in my other topic but i would like to know what you all feel about this:

Lapo stated two weeks ago that the ratio does not allow him to play Bernard, therefore Bernard is in street clothes every game, but Lapo still managed to get Garrett in the game today, why is Bernard not being used!! I feel that the Ratio is just an excuse as we seen an import in Garrett play today and Reid not getting enough touches is just another excuse in my opinion, why not rotate Reid with Bernard or Garrett to give Reid some time to breathe, do what CGY is doing with Cornish and Reynolds, Reynold plays two sets and then Cornish plays one to give a different look (and it works). What is Lapos problem with Bernard because obviously there is more to this story than the ratio & Reid issue!! Either let the guy play or move him.

....have to agree.....this is mismanagement :thdn: Get Ralph the hell out of here as well...Might as well start cleaning house now...this year is done...AGAIN :thdn:

Our receivers are just too inconsistent time for a change.

And it starts with Adarius Bowman, no more patience for his inconsistant play (2 years now)

I'm really not sure why people keep bringing up Bernard whenever we lose.

Running game ain't the problem, folks...

Our receivers just aren't good enough, and that's all there is to it. Edwards, Bowman, Davis, Ralph and Hargreaves just don't cut it.

In a perfect world, you change the oline to 4 NIs, and start Edwards, Harris, Bowman, Carr and Watson.

IMO, that would fix most if not all of our problems...

Garrett is in the line-up because he returns kicks and Bernard doesn't.

I like Bernard but I still don't know what he has done this season (in TC or in practice) that indicates he deserves to be in the line-up. He had a terrible TC and the only reason he beat out Marc for a roster spot was because of his play last season. I haven't heard of him doing anything special in practice that he forces Lapo to put him in the line-up.

As for Reid, he needs more touches, not less and taking him out of the game for Bernard or Garrett isn't going to get him more.