Garret and Volny resign to crowded backfield

I can't see anyone unseating Chad Simpson. Will Ford also proved to be more than just a servicable back up. Garrett after an injury may be hard pressed to win a job provided that he comes back as the same back that dominated at the end of 2011. Carl Volny a NI tailback could be a very valuable commodity if he can stay healthy and show the same promise coming out of camp in 2011. If the bombers could actually dress 3 quality tailbacks with the comb of imports Simpson and ford and NI Volny.
Messam, Harris, and Cornish have all been able to be 1,000 yard rushers as Canadians but a player like Calgary's Matt Walter being a NI and a very capable back up ca really be a plus for the ratio. If Volny can prove to be a servicable quality back Up tail back as well it opens up a lot of other options for imports elswhere. Anthony Woodson another promising canadian tailback has a teamate of Walter at U of Calgary has been able to stay healthy was a 2010 draft pick. The third tailback in that threesome for the Dino's Steve Lumbala will be draft eligible this year.
Although none of them may ever be a feature back in the CFL as non imports they could be very valuable to a team like Toronto who was unable to juggle the roster to get two Tailbacks to dress for any game this season but a quality servicable NI back up would be very valuable.