Garney Henley

I just wanted to say that unfortunately my siblings and I will not be able to attend the honoring of our father Garney Henley on the stamp. I am extremely proud!! Jody A Henley Boston

That's unfortunate. But you can smile knowing that he's the Best. Ticat. EVER.

The real honour is for us fans that got to see and meet your father.
When I was a young (12 or 13 yrs), I had the priviledge of meeting both your father and mother and I will never forget how welcome they made me feel in your home, your dad showed me his great collection of trophies, (mostly for track he said).
Your father to me was the greatest football player in the world!

When I was a kid I got Garney's autograph. That was about 1965. I still have it.

He was then and remains to this day my favourite Ticat ever and the greatest football player I ever saw. The combination of speed, skill, versatility and intelligence he displayed on the field, and his gentlemanly demeanour off it, were a privilege to witness over so many years.

Back when I was at Central and the Tiger-Cats were the biggest thing in the city, Garney Henley was my first football hero.
He is still the most outstanding and versatile player I have ever seen in the CFL.

Growing up Garney Henley was my favourite CFL player and the TigerCats were not even my favourite team back then. I proudly have his name on the back of my TiCat jersey.

Oh, that was a tough one. I went with Coffey, but it could just as easily been Henley. It was a flip of the coin. My two favourites, no question.

A good read: ... ney-henley

I decided to go with Prince Hal to be different. A great player and not one on too many jerseys, ala Henley and Mosca. :rockin:

I remember Garney's Wall of Honour induction dinner, it was the first one and not near as large as they get now, could have even been less than fifty people there. It was a great intimate setting to hang out with Garney and a bunch of his teammates.
His family was there too showing great support.

I still remember in the early sixties watching the Cats on TV. Whenever they were behind my mother would yell "put Henley in" at the TV. Sure enough that happened often and he would make some amazing offensive play to help win the game. He was money in the bank.

Quality isn't as good as pics are these days, but it's about 15 years ago before we all kept a digital in our back pocket.

He was my favourite player growing up as well. We could always depend on him making the stop defensively, and we knew something special was coming whenever he was in on offence.

My favourite Ticats memory ever was on what at first appeared to be a broken play on a double reverse, but just as it looked like Garney was about to be tackled for a loss, he threw the ball thirty yards - perfect spiral - to a wide open receiver in the end zone right in front of where we were sitting. But that was "just another day at the office" for him.

An absolutely amazing athlete.

I have had the honour of sitting with your father and chatting. He also was kind enough to sign a copy of "Garney Henley: a Gentleman and a Tiger" which I've had in my office for years. :thup:

Boy do I ever remember that play. It was so broken that he dodged around in the backfield and at one point was a good 25-30 yards behind scrimmage before turning upfield and getting to scrimmage just when delivering that pass. Anybody else would have been too exhausted to do anything other than fall down before throwing that ball.

I was about 10 when that book was released, I stood in line to have it signed, Garney signed it “To Little Steve? some years later I lost that book but was lucky enough to find another copy at a flea market, although unsigned until a few years ago when Garney was in town, funny thing is I never told him the story of what he signed so many years back and he signed the new copy “To Big Steve? lucky for me I have since found the first copy and now I treasure both.

I believe that I am a diehard today because of the excitement Garney Henley put into the game and of course my Dad for taking me at such a young age.

Thanks for posting Jody,

Garney was the reason I became a cat fan.

Growing up on the west mountain (Garth St) had it's advantages. Garney lived three blocks east behind Mohawk College. My sister worked at Chedoke Hospital and brought me autographs from injured Tiger Cat players. I had several opportunities to meet Garney and without a doubt, he was one of my favorites. A truely gifted athelete.

Garney Henley worked well on both sides of the football. In my opinion

he was the greatest Ticat ever; perhaps the greatest CFL player, ever.

Sorry Jody, that you and your siblings can't make this event.

I'm 57 and have been a Tiger-Cats fan since I remember and Garney Henley is my favourite Tiger-Cats player of all time,not only that when ever I talk about my sports heroes Garney Henley's name is on top of that list.I remember watching Cats games on TV and I knew if we needed a big play that he was the one guy who could pull it off.One of my prized possessions is a 1970 Garney Henley card.So Jody your dad is a hero to many of us here in the land of the greatest football team of all time the one and only Hamilton Tiger-Cats. :rockin:

Henley for the Schenley. How the present day Ti-Cats could use a ball hawk like him in the defensive backfield. Became a Ti-Cat fan when Prince Hal joined the team. No regrets. Garney was a huge part of those great defensive teams of the sixties. Thanks for all those wonderful memories. Ti-Cat fan from Montreal.