Garney Henley

Check this link for a really nice article on Garney Henley in the Plainsman, from South Dakota.

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Thanks for that Steve!
Glad to hear about the 40th reunion for the 1967 TiCats!
Something to look very much forward to....

A very good article indeed.

You gotta love the Henley helmet. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Garney Henley..Is the reason I have been
a TICAT FAN for fifty years...He was a
thrill to watch!!!!!!!!!

At age 36, after 13 years in the CFL Garney Henley
converted from defensive back to wide receiver [flanker]
[Mind you he still played a lot of defense.]

He was named the CFL’s Most Valuable Player that year, 1972.

So much for age being such a detriment to an elite athlete.

In reality the critical factor determining
an elite athlete's performance is injuries.

For example, Roger Clemens and Randy Johnson.

Nice find Steve......super article

Two sports role models I had as a kid.....Bobby Orr and Garney Henley....nuf said :slight_smile:

Same here GOTC. 100%