Garney Henley

Congratulations Garney Henley #6 in the top 50.

Love your kids: Pam,Lori,Jody & Kyle
& grandkids Zach,Eden,Brandon,Trinity,Jordan,Shelby,Noah,Olivia & Ethan[/b]

The media made a mistake, Garney. You should have been selected #1.

I was fortunate enough to observe your playing days from Green Bay and through your
Ticat career and I've never seen your equal.

Thanks for those great years when you were recognized far and wide as the premier player in the country.

I don't use the word "great" very often but Henley was truly a great player. He would've looked so much better in blue though. :wink:

An Argo fan

A classy pick, which would have been classier if it had been higher. There is no equal.

Number one in my books ,biased as we are.
I don’t know that Garney would really care to be number one ,he seemed modest when I met him once.
You’re the greatest in our books #26 Garney Henley!!!

Those were the days!

Garney Henley was an all-star on offense, defense and special teams throughout his career. Not many players can make that claim including Doug Flutie.
I will admit I am biased toward Garney however I can not recall a better all round player than Garney Henley #26.
In the 1961 Grey Cup game Garney was on the field for every play including the overtime.
Has that been duplicated by anyone since?

I agree completely. Garney should have finished higher than six. How does Mike Pringle finish higher on the list than Garney Henley?? I definately question some of those picks.

Congratulations to a Gentleman and a Tiger.

There was nobody better, before or since. If Garney had been showcased on offence alone, there is no question in my mind that he would still be the holder of many offensive records and would have won many more Schenleys (1972 was his only one).

These kinds of lists, although well intentioned, are very subjective in nature, just as my comments above are, as well. Sure you can argue that Garney belongs at number one. I for one would not argue with you. Keep in mind that being named ANYWHERE on the list is a huge honour. There are many hall of famers not even on the list.

Those were the days, I hope before my life time
is up we can repete that success.


:D :D :D

He was/is one-of-a-kind. The Pats PR machine make a big deal of WR Troy Brown doing time as a two-way player now, but that is mere window-dressing compared to the ironman efforts Garney used to pull off with regularity. Easily the most versatile player I've ever seen, with Rufus Crawford's versatility on offense and special teams a respectable but distant second.

Oski Wee Wee,

There's no shame in finishing #6 all-time. Just look at the names above him. Everyone else in the top 10 (other than perhaps Wayne Harris) gets mentioned quite often in the media, whereas you rarely hear anyone outside of Hamilton talk about Garney. Shows how strong an impression he left in people's minds.

Top 10 is basically #1 in these kinds of polls.

Great to see a number of former Tiger-Cats in the Top 50.

Regardless of what everyone might think. We as his children are proud of our father with the rank of #6 and of his accomplishments that he has left in CFL history, playing for the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

He in our eyes is one of the best to play for the CFL.

Pam, Lori, Jody, and Kyle Henley

Well as a kid he was my Hero, when we played football in the park or at school I always pretented I was Garney Henley.

What's Henley doing these days? Is he living in the area or did he return to the US? Is he coaching anywhere?

You'd think the organization would have a spot for him if he wanted one. All these years later, I still think of Henley as Mr. TiCat. He'd be the perfect ambassador for the team and the league.

And I still say he would've looked great in blue. :wink:

An Argo fan

I am just absolutely thrilled and delighted that you have written.

Your father was my hero, he was the reason I came to love the Tiger Cats, more than any other team in any sport. He remains my favourite player of all time, and always will. I got his autograph at a game when I was a boy in about 1966, even though I was almost too scared to ask for it, and still have it today among my most prized possessions.

Number 6 is great, number 26 is the very best.

Thanks again for writing, and please give my very best wishes to your Dad, as he did to me, those 40 years ago.


Garney moved back to his home State of South Dakota. He is retired, but probably is just as busy as ever. He makes trips out to see us every year, as we all live in different states.
He would appreciate the kind words on here, and the fan support thru the years.

Can't think of much to add that already hasn't been said here in this thread..... yeah, thanks to Garney for the awesome memories I have of watching him when I was a kid! A true role model for us all back then.

...and thanks for the update from his family. Glad he's doing well.


It is a very humbling experince to be named to the Top 10 CFL Players. Selected number 6 was quite an honor and I appreciate all of you who think I should have been higher.I would like to thank all of you for your gracious comments.

I enjoyed playing my 16 years of football in the CFL for all you Hamilton Ti-Cat Fans, You are all so great. And there is even an Argo Fan or Two that's not so bad.

I am living in my home State of South Dakota cherising the simple things in life.

PS. I have great children, Pam, Lori, Jody and Kyle and 9 wonderful grandchildren. And I have a supportive wife, Charlotte who makes my days happy.

Thanks for dropping by Garney!

A website toast to you from all of us!

(visit us soon at Ivor Wynne!) 8)