Gardner may be Free Again..

Kansas City infoZine, MO - Feb 8, 2007

Kansas City, Mo. - infoZine - The Brigade announced that the team has released quarterback Chris Sanders, who started eight games in 2006, and waived Arena Football rookie wide receiver Talman Gardner, formerly of the NFL's Saints.

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We made Huge Mistake Last Season Cutting him.
Resign him Quick..

This is old link when was signed last year.

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AAAAAAA GREED! hes big, not very fast but really shor handed, catches the highball n can be tough to take down, when we released him i was shocked, he was impressive in camp and in pre season both games against toronto, MARCEL! DO SOMTHING

His bio said he was a state champ sprinter
10.2 in the 100
21.2 in the 200

Blitz, you are pretty tough on this guy saying that he is not very fast.

He had no chance to make last years team.
The team would have to had to admit they made a mistake trading for Vaughn and Cavil, and would not be cutting D.J. or Yeast out of camp.

Love to see him get an invite.
Seemed like a great pro style receiver in camp last year

Also in your link onknight they referenced Boo Williams was playing arena ball.
Could you imagine having that load to tackle out of the slot. 6'4" 275+ pounds.
12 NFL TDs, and still only 28 years old.
He would give the other team something to prepare for thats for sure!

Boo is a Huge Target..
Odd he is playing in the AFL..
Just fell off the NFL Map
He was good TE..

My question is if he is so great why is he being waved by the AFL?

he May just not an Indoor Player..
alot Players have to play both Ways..

I also think in the AFL you play "O" and "D"
Maybe he is awful on "D"?

I'd like to see Gardner back...very impressive in his short stay..
should have made the team.!

I was shocked too that he was released as he seemed like one of the best WR in camp. Bring him back. Give a chance to make this team. Can't hurt. New Coach, New mangement= no hard feelings on Gardner's part.

The answer is simple, my dear Watson. You see, with a name like BOO, it could get you in a lot of trouble. For example, when he steps onto the field, and all the fans are chanting his name - BOO!, BOO!, the coaches are thinking no one wants him, 'cause he stinks. Otherwise why BOO him?
The coaches being so dense, decide to cut him.

Much along the the lines of Lou Pasaglia. Everytime he came out to punt, they would chant LOU, LOU, which sounded a lot like BOO. In this case, BOO REALY does sound like BOO!

The Eagle - :cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

well, why not?
and while we're at it, let's bring back lenzie jackson (who didn't impress the coaches much during his tryout but sure did impress ticat defensive backs) and ivery gaskins (who was much better than the pouty stiff we did keep that year, demetrius breedlove).

Ask and it shall be Done

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They did hint that releasing Gardner was one of the reasons Marshall was fired. But we still need someone with some experience, enough with signing these rookie nobody receivers, we have enough of them already and every year since Bob owned the team that's all they do is sign rookies in the offseason, and the only one that showed any kind of potential was released (Hill).