Garcia and Cortez candidates for OC in BC

Jeff Garcia and George Cortez are rumored to be frontrunners for the OC position in BC.

what I find peculiar is that the Als just demoted Dinwiddie as OC and hired Calvillo as an assistant OC/QB coach leaving the door open for Garcia to take the reins as OC and yet he is departing from the team.

Did Popp not offer the OC position to Garcia?

[b]CFL News @CFL_News
If the #BCLions land Jeff Tedford, don’t be surprised if his OC is either George Cortez or Jeff Garcia. #CFL

CFLDaily @CFLDaily
Alouettes also announce Ryan Dinwiddie stays, but is no longer OC. Jeff Garcia/Mark Speckman moving on. #CFL[/b]

Jeff was not interested in an OC position a little over a month ago. What I smell here is Wally convincing him to do the job for a year while Wally takes the HC reigns again. In both cases it points to Wally taking the job back. Only other scenario is Garcia being handed the HC reigns with Cortez as his OC but that is pretty out there for Wally.

with little coaching experience, it would seem premature to offer Garcia a HC position at this time however I could envision a scenario whereas Buono takes over for a year while grooming Jeff for the top job which may not have been an opportunity Popp was willing to provide.

the fact that Garcia resides on the West Coast may also be a factor in this as well.

There was nothing Jim could offer Garcia anyway. Jeff was not interested in an OC position and the owner just loves Higgins as a HC. Press reports in BC say Tedford is going to be named as HC and maybe he's interviewing Cortez and Garcia. Wally likes Cortez and if he knows Garcia isn't interested in the OC position maybe he figures the job will go to Cortez by default and The Lions can convince Garcia to do a year as QB coach for them. No matter how things go it looks like the BC Lions are building quite a staff especially that Washington has the defense well organized.

Calvillo was hired as an offensive assistant, not an assistant OC. He is in line for QB coach, RB coach or receivers coach. I’ll bet on one of the latter two as it is his first coaching gig.

It's been reported former Riders QB Jeff Tedford is the odds on favourite to be the HC with the Lions.

Also, Garcia has a family on the West Coast, including young daughters (I believe), so BC is a much more attractive destination for him than Montreal, in the long term.

Frankly, I think Garcia is full of it, and I'll be happy if he tanks in BC.

oh c'mon...I think all he needs is a bit of lip balm and he'll be good...

Jeff Tedford as HC could make all the dots come together for BC offense and grooming a new QB.

Tedford coached with Buono in Calgary before heading to a career in the NCAA.

Tedford and Garcia are both from Cali. Tedford about a decade older followed similar starts In JC then to Fresno st.
Garcia started at JC then to San Jose St.
Tedford coached at Fresno st for a few seasons in which time the long rivalry between Fresno and San Jose were not played (Garcia was the QB for SJ then.

Tedford is somewhat of a QB guru Garcia has been working with tons of QBs since his retirement. Both played in the CFL.

Tedfods last great QB was Aaron Rogers at Cal.
Rogers brother Jordon just signed with BC. Jordon Rogers played 2 seasons of Cali JC football as well. At Butte College somewhat near Cal. while tedford was there before gong to Vandy and quick NFL stops in '13 and '14 mostly on Bucs PR. Telford was Bucs OC before hart problems about the same time that the bucs released him