Garbage Time

I seem to recall people dismissing Williams' performances in the last few games because he was playing in "garbage time". Well, what do they have to say now? I'd say he looks like he can hold his own if he starts, and it's just sad that this ability wasn't recognized much earlier. How different this season would have been...

He sat by and watched....we....I....talked about Chang...Maas.....he stayed quiet.
Wow. He did his job.
He won.

It was garbage time in Toronto. He came in a t 32-8, the game was out of reach. There was no pressure and no expectations. He played very well.

Tonight was his first meaningful playing time and he pulled out the win. Kudos to Williams.! He is no fluke.
What a difference a QB can make. Casey has changed this teams attitude since he arrived and Richie showed he is the real deal.
Looks like we finally have a future on offence.

As much as I like Williams. I hope Printers gets healthy fast and shows the damage he can do. It is great, to finally have strength at the quarterback position.

Agree. And what's interesting is what can happen with a two QB system. Calgary seemed to have their defense geared at Printers...but with Williams coming in, that seemed to throw them off.