Garbage Cans outside the Stadium before a Game

We Really Need Garbage outside the Stadium.
Before the Game I see Many People Using the GoodWill Barrles as Trash Cans. As there where no Trash cans.

Please add these before the next game.

Also There Seats in need of Repair
Row 3 in Box J near seat 24

Right on! Unbelievable that there is no place except the ground in the neighbourhood around the stadium for fans to dispose of their garbage.

I suspect though, that the surrounding home owners enjoy cleaning their properties each morning after.

sorry I am Bumping the Thead so
Bob and Scott can see it ..

This need to be fix ASAP..

I would suggest that any ticket holders with specific seat concerns, i.e. broken, incorrect numbering, to contact an Account Executive personally. This is to ensure a timely response.