Garbage cans at Tailgate?

I took a cab down to the game yesterday and found a problem with nowhere to put the refuse that gathered in my area. By kickoff there were piles of garbage everywhere. If we dont figure something out we may start to have unwanted attention or restrictions on our pre-game fun.

bring garbage bags and take it home with you?

or....bring garbage bags and deposit it in the containers within the stadium (if security will let you). (If not), perhaps the team/city could set up containers just outside the stadium on game days?


The personal responsibility thing isn't gonna fly Dave. To many people are coming and going and not all are bringing garbage bags or cars to transport their leftovers. I think it would serve everyones interest to have some cans or even a dumpster.

That (sadly) is so true a comment Garney. I just shake my head wondering about so many people who leave messes everywhere - and just assume somebody else will pick up after them. What lowlifes.

Not sure if many of you venture along our great trails to places like the base of Albion Falls - but they should rename them Tim Horton's Falls there are so many empty Tim Hortons cups and wrappers (and other garbage) left down there EVERY SINGLE DAY - it's a GD disgrace.

It would be nice to think Ti-Cats tailgating fans would be more responsible - and I'm sure most of them aare - but you are probably right - not all are. Acting responsibly and cleaning up after oneself is asking too much of some people these days.

He took a taxi. That, plus he sounded like he wanted to clean up more than his own fair share of trash. Sounds like a legitimate question to me...

I travelled light with a cooler and my horn but friends and aquaintences gathered and the litter piled up. There was simply nowhere to put it.The one can they had was overflowing on the ground 3 hrs before game time. It's not a complaint or a finger point, I'd just like to see us do better and preserve this great tailgate opportunity.

Someone needs to take responsibility for the leftovers. I'm personally not certain the team and/or city needs to do this as well. They really do so much already.

May I ask what lots(s) you and your friends are in? Seems to me I remember seeing containers in previous years?

I was at Scott Park. A lot of stuff left all over when I went in minutes before kickoff.