Gangrene @ Ticats

That drive was a Irwin Allen disaster.
It cost them 2 timeouts and about 10 yards.


Isaac contributes early!!


Who here is old enough to remember Larry Brown,a pretty good running back with the Washington Redskins in the '70's??

Cory Sheets reminds me of him a lot...

Sheets P/U the F/D on third down, breaux gets a facemask penalty Sask gets the ball down to the 12, Willy throws an INC and Sask settles for a 17 yard Milo,

10-3 Cats!!!


Mark Dile back in the game after getting his foot taped!!

Lamar P/U 2.5 yards on F/D, Burris throws an INC to end the drive, Bartel Punts!

Brandon Isaac is in beast mode tonight, DAMN! Stops Sheets on the line of scrimmage......

Bagg fumbles and the ball goes out of bounds, looks like the rides keep possession,

End of the first, Great Start Cats!

Monster Punt by Schmidt,

Ticats start at our 4......

Drive stalls after 2 straight inc's by Hank,

Bartel runs out of the back of the endzone for the safety,

10-5 Cats.....

Burris hasn't been as sharp this game. He's underthrown a couple of passes that good have gone for big gains.
Hamilton needs to step on the accelerator and get back in control of this game, right now it's starting to slip away

There we go...

Back to reality...


Sask winning the field position battle now, we need to pick it up on O or on special teams!!

Sheets P/U 8 on F/D, sheets again on second down and P/U the F/D on center field,

Dressler P/U the first down, down to the Hamilton 30.....

Willy hits simon for the TD, 12-10 Rides,


Coach Sal said something doesn't look right with Burris, keeps underthrowing his WR's

How did Lamar drop that? I'm listening on the radio...

I'm thinkin' we are seeing a case of "Old Arm Syndrome"....

Older QB's start to loose the arm strength they once had and either adjust to what they've got or over estimate what they can do...

When we going to hit Stala for the first time tonight Hank???

Man we really could have used the likes of a Williams and Fantuz tonight.......

Sure looks like the Rider player lead with his helmet there

Lamar looks like he might be done for the night

I suspect that might be the last we see of Lamar this evening...

Big P/U Ellingson to center field!!!

Way to get out of the hole Hank!!!

30 yard P/U

How can Greg Ellingson P/U and illegal block after catching the ball Kim Murphy??? LOL

Great 13 yard P/U by GiGuere, Ticats down to the rides 52,

Gable P/U 13 with the somersault for the FD!!