Gangrene @ Ticats

Lets see if we can get some sweet revenge this week!

20 mins to KO!

Oskie WEE WEE!

no durant theres the first good sign

According to coach Sal: Corey Chamblin earlier this week....

"The Ticats have made so many changes this week it's like we're playing a new team!"

They're going into the bye week, they're 4-0, how much motivation will they have this week?

Coach Chamblin hopefully doesn't keep them in check this week :smiley:

Hi folks!

Riders Best run-D in the league giving up 59 yards a game,

Riders have worst pass-D in the league giving up 305 yards per game according to Mr. Zamparin,

Riders are +9 in givaway/takeaway this season, best in the league....

Game On!!! :rockin:

Lindsey Lamar P/U 19 on first down,

Hank Kits Bakari Grant for a 49 yard P/U!! FD on the Sask 16!!

Ticats Drive stalls @ the Sask 8.5 yard line, Too bad we couldnt get in the endzone!!

Oh Well We settle for a 16 yard Congi 3-0 Cats!

Didn't know McKnight was a scratch??? Maybe last week gave Congi a wake up call and sometime to clear up his mechanics!!

4 plays 76 yard drive to start the game not bad,

Lets See what our D is made of!!

3 for Luca...

Hi Russ!!!

We're on the board, at least there won't be a shutout for us this week.
The Cats need majors when they are down that close, field goals won't cut it

Good Start by the D 0-2 start for the rides!!!

Drew Willy started 2 games for the Riders last year, had 2 picks and ) TD passes, lets keep up the heat D!

Exactly what coach Sal harped on on the last sask drive! We need a TD Now!

Ticats P/U FD with a 7 yard Durris run on 2nd down! Down to Sask 47...Mark Dile down on the play, Greg Wojt moved to tackle.....Tim O'Neill moved to right guard.....

Burris hits Onrea Jones for a 30 yard strike down to the Sask 17!

Lamar with the TD!!!!


Lamar from Burris for a 17 yard strike, also Lamars first CFL td congrats!

10-0 after the Congi

Great Start!

Willy hits Dressler for a 12 yard P/U,

Sheets gets stopped at the line on the next play,

Willy throws an INT, rider drives stalls, another good stand D!

The D holds strong

Looking good...

If the O continues to move the ball and the D holds strong we have a helluva shot at winning this game

I just turned this on...I was out doing some things...

It's good to see we came out with purpose and a little fired up tonight...

Coach Austin challenging previous play on a Onrea Jones, sounds like he didn't catch it.....challenge fails....then Hank calls a TO on the next play lol, probably wrong personnel, there's two TO's lost on same play LOL

Tay George just whipped the O-Lineman he was matched up on...