Gangrene at Larks Game Thread, Sun. July 23, 7pm ET, TSN

I'm watching it in English on TSN. Even if I got that other channel I wouldn't watch there

The Riders NEED to stop the Als 1st drive.. AND they need to score 1st just to get them all into the game.. tough task... but can be done!!

A rather generous spot if I do say

3-0 Als after the Whyte FG

Well a small victory IMO.. holding the Als to 3. .time to see how Durant is gonna be tonight!

The Riders will start with GREAT field position.. time for Durant to answer the Als

Didn't like the answer. LOL They need to put the ball in the end zone.

As long as they stay close it's better for them

Yes. The eggtimer is on. LOL

Not a good way to stop the Als… by giving them free yards!!

2 and out for the Als...... THIS is the drive that will define the Riders

:D :D :D

is the game on the web...the kids just kidnapped my TV.....

Well, it is on TSN Radio I believe.

Bad definition! LOL

The Als are in neutral at the moment as well...

Try one of these

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More specific.. THIS

GREAT play action by Durant... haven't seen much of that from the Riders