Gangrene at Larks Game Thread, Sun. July 23, 7pm ET, TSN

Sunday, July 24
Saskatchewan at Montreal
7pm/4pm TSN

The Riders are dubbed 'Gangrene' until they show they can at least be competitive. LOL

Calvillo is poised for a huge day against the Rider D. Will Durant and co. show more of their Grey Cup challenger form from the last couple of years to keep pace? Not sold by what I have seen so far this season! We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,


I really think the Riders win this game by 2

Can I ask how you came to that conclusion 8) I think your just crossing your little toes and fingers and whatever else you can find :lol:

Maybe the Larks will shake Gangrene out of their trance. :wink: Tidal should read the 24th of July.

Look for Durant to be pulled early if he starts slow.

Riders will win only if Montreal defeats themselves.

Montreal 34

Riders 28

Gangrene, funny. :stuck_out_tongue:

Als by.3 td’s in this one, no contest.

Perhaps, Rider pride and their egos as professionals might bring the green team to the fore this time, especially after the embarassing show they displayed in Hamilton before a national audience.

Heaven knows, I don't have anything meaningful to hang my hat on this one, just a gut feeling. But, I feel, Saskatchewan will make this game closer than we may expect. Maybe a win!!?? By three!!!????

Sure. Go ahead and call me crazy.....

you're crazy old fan. :wink:

Sorry, had to do that since you threw the lure out. :wink:

Check out''s game preview above.

Oski Wee Wee,


The Riders play the Als tough.... they did ALL Last season.. and besides... the are due for a win, they are not IMO as bad as their record indicates!

This game is ripe for an upset

I did ask for that, Earl.

Just remember where you saw this prediction if I'm right.

If I'm wrong, I will be changing my alias.....and breaking my crystal ball....

Look at the 2nd post in this thread.. you are not alone

Hi Halfthedistance:

I noticed your posting just after I submitted mine. I thank you for joining me on the limb.

See Earl, I may not be so crazy.

Don't break that crystal ball old you never know, there might be magic in that there crystal ball at some point one never knows. :wink:

lol.. just no shifting to the left.. .you could break that limb!


Hey Half:

Are you calling me fat!!!???? And here I thought we were teammates!!!!!

Not at

Merely suggesting this is a thin limb.. it is the Als after all

OK...I feel better now.....

Meantime, let's just keep the saw out of Earl's hand!!!!

Montreal 35 Riders 9

Got the game on RDS here -- kickoff upcoming!