Gangrene at EEEEs Game Thread, Nov. 4 , 8:30 pm et TSN

Friday, November 4
Saskatchewan at Edmonton

I won't be in this game thread, unfortunately -- enjoy the game!

The game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


The final Wendy's Friday Night Football for 2011. sigh

Looks cold there in the City of Champions.

Go Esks!

Ryan Dinwiddie, whose very first CFL start was for the Blue Bombers, in a game called "Grey Cup Champoinship", in Toronto (2007). What a way to start!

Oh yeah - he was relieving a QB who broke his arm in the Eastern Final, name of Kevin Glenn.

I have to say ... I like the advert "No Lead is safe " ... much better than "Our balls are bigger" ...