Gang Green at TwoColours Game Thread, Sat Aug 2 7 pm et

Sat August 2
Saskatchewan at Ottawa
7pm et /4pm pt

FINALLY! Riders vs Riders again! Okay...not quite...but the memories of the great 1976 Grey Cup can dance in my head until the opening kickoff of this one. Can Burris and co. get their second win? Will the Riders win one in the East where historically they have been inconsistent? If good Durant shows up, good Hank Burris better be there for the RBs to hold serve. I am looking forward to this one!

Oski Wee Wee,


Well less than 5 minutes into the game the ORBs have gone two and out and the Riders have marched down the field pretty much at will and scored a TD. It might be a L..O..N..G night for the two colours :slight_smile: if they don't get some defense going and stop leaving the green receivers wide open on every play.

Hi folks -- I agree tabbiefan...looks like the Riders are loaded for bear!

Burris with the armpunt...Ottawa is reeling.

Ottawa seems to be doing everything to ensure failure with illegal procedure and UR penalties on the same play that Hank tossed a pick! :oops: Riders take over well into ORB’s territory and are most likely to come up with another major - well maybe not. 2nd and 10 fell a bit short so Milo goes for the chip shot. 10-0 Green

Bad Hank is in.

Smith, the receiver in for Kierrie Johnson is BRUTAL. Has already missed dropped a pass and fumbled another which of course the Green recovered. Swain makes the mistake of trying to dive for the end zone too soon and falls short. He should have just run it in TD Green - hardly looked like he got the ball across the plane to me but I guess the official saw something.
17-0 Storm Troopers!

I’d say a combination of Bad Hank (doesn’t he often show up for Rider games :smiley: ) and bad receivers. Not sure why he keeps going to Smith. They finally got a FD with Collins.

This is like watching Hearns-Duran, TKO. That. Quick. LOL

24-0 Green. For a sec, you'd think the Glieberguys were in the stands setting the tone...ugh.

Maher punt didn't look that great but was returned for over 60 yds. Even with the UR penalty on the Riders it only took two plays to make it into the end zone - AGAIN. 24-0 and the first quarter isn't even over yet!
Ah Hank and company catch a break with a PI cal against the Green and Chevy breaks for a nice big 40 yard run. Closest they've been to the green end zone all night


Bad Hank is on full display.

Hi Russ!

If the OBRs didn't have bad luck they'd have none. Maher's FG try hits the upright and bounces back on to the field :oops:

I'm almost starting to feel sorry for Hank & Co. The ball is definitely not bouncing their way tonight.

Too bad he didn’t make it into the end zone on that scamper.

Looks like the ORB's D finally showed up - sack on Durant :twisted: Wonder if it would help to put Big Joe on the field? :smiley:


30 nothin and it aint even half way over. Dear lord.

Good time for the Riders to draw a PI call - when Hank tosses a long ball to Carter.

Chevy with another nice run but then he get stopped up short - Chick up close and personal :wink:

Maher goes for the FG again and is wide. :oops: Run back for a TD by Jackson 31-0

ORBs have not been helping themselves with so many bad penalties. 15 yd UR on the FG return leaves them giving up a safety.