Saturday July16th 2011 2 teams needing to get into the win column. Both picked early to do better than they've shown.

OK, I'll start...nothing to win here but BRAGGING RIGHTS :wink:

Ticats 39

Riders 23

Tiger Cats - 29
Roughriders - 24

Cats more... .Riders less

I'm hoping for a big bounce back game and everybody to fire on all cylinders so here goes.
Cats - 42 Riders - 14

Hamilton 24 Riders 30

we go 0-3

G'awd I hope your right! :thup:

Montreal and Edmonton scored a total of 81 points against Saskatchewan in the first two regular season games.
Surely with our offensive talent we can get 30 points on the board against them. But...the Green Riders scored 25 points against Montreal.

Tiger Cats - 30 (three touchdowns and three field goals)

Sask - 27

 In the big picture....this could be the only win we have until the middle of August.  Unless we have a dramatic turnaround real soon.

HAM 38

Ham 27

Ssk 10

ham 28
sask 25

Gotta go with Onknight. He's the only one who correctly predicted the outcome of last week's game:

Re: Tigers Cats vs Eskimos *** Predict the Score ***
by Onknight » 09 Jul, 2011 - 13:19
I Predict an Embarrassing loss

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut… he does that EVERY week



Hamilton 28
Saskatchewan 25

Sask 28
Hamilton 13

Greg Marshall knows the Hamilton offence very well: he practiced against it the past few years.

Also, no way Sask goes 0-3 (whereas the TiCats are used to it)

Looking at 0-3, folks.

The string of former Ticats coaches (turned head coaches) beating us stops NOW

High scoring affair for this one

Cats 42

Riders 33

Yep when you regularly predict a loss you're going to be right sometimes.

I hope we win.

...not that we need or want a dose of reality BUT I call it:

Riders 38
TiCats 18

Ouch ......... I hope I'm wrong!


Best call on the spread - 28 pts (prediction) vs 30 (actual)

I like the actual result better, and right now i’m looking for my first ever 4-0 week in Bigdaves VGCC :cowboy:
It’s always the last game that kills me so let’s hope I get lucky tonight.