Gang Green at Shipwrecks Game Thread (Oct. 2, 3 pm et, TSN)

Saskatchewan at Toronto
Saturday, October 2
3pm et /Noon et

I will post the game preview if/when I see it. :wink:

Go Green!

Oski Wee Wee,


The TSN,ca game preview for this afternoon's tilt is at .

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Two hours until TSN's coverage. :wink:

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Hi folks -- just got back in to see the first points of the game -- Congi FG, Riders up 3-0

It opens with a five minute ten play drive for Riders that ends with Congi FG from about 26 yards out. 3-0 SSK.

Interesting to hear blue team fans sound like a minority in their own house again. It's like the Rider fans at IWS last week headed down the QEW. I'm sure the Fantuz cheering section is there.

I'm interesting in seeing how Bell will do. He's a former Rider who was once on our neg. list. If it looks like he has a future in this league, you know who traded him...


I put up a "Bishop Watch" retrospective in the other game thread for today...viewtopic.php?f=5&t=61123 :wink:

Huge gain by Boyd..ugh LOL

Hi Russ.

I might be in that thread later.

And that gain was after shotgun formation on 3rd and inches. Shotgun formation was used by Riders on 2nd and inches on first drive. Interesting to see.

And Bell pushes his way in for the TD.

When a shotgun run works on 3rd-and-1...that's one to be filed under "if it works, it's genius." LOL I wouldn't have done that.

Durant moves the Riders down the field on a PI-assisted drive...he goes in for the TD!

10-7 Riders

Durant in for the TD, another long Rider drive as they kept moving sticks. That PI call also helped. The Canadian Air Force impressive as usual.

10-7 Riders.

First drive to end with a punt.

But Borehams's punt bounced out by the Rider 5. Hopefully, that'll just make the next Rider drive longer and look more impressive as it ends in blue team end zone.

10-7 Riders after one quarter.

Good return by Owens.

One team relies on RB, the other relying on its passing game (Cates getting nowhere so far.) Interesting to see.

It's really too bad Toronto doesn't support this team. They have some exciting players who can break a game wide open.

And they are a Toronto team that is actually not that bad. That should be a selling point.

Two bad passes from Bell ends long drive. Showing lack of experience perhaps? But they get easy FG.


Nice catch by Getzlaf for the TD!

On last drive, I saw that weโ€™re not the only ones who forget about Bagg. Dunigan said was I was thinking when I saw how open he was.

17-10 Riders.

Brannagan looks happy to be there. I think heโ€™s having more fun than he would have had at the accounting firm that was going to hire him. :slight_smile:

Surgeon at work = Durant when he's on!

17-10 on the Getzlaf TD

that was not a horsecollar

I didn't think so either. Neither did Dunigan.

17-13 Riders at the half after Medlock hits a FG for Evil Incarnate.