Gang Green at Nags WDSF Thread, Nov. 11, 4 pm

I won't be participating in this game thread today (I think), but I thought I should tee it up nonetheless. Enjoy!

Oski Wee Wee,


Even though I expect this game to be better than the EDSF game, I'm not sure if I'll be watching much of it.

But to those who will be watching all of it, have fun.

I was excited for Kevin Glenn and hoped that he would get the chance to finally win a Cup. He's on a team that can do it. Hufnagel decides to go with Tate so we'll see if comes up smelling like roses or something completely different.

Seeing as The Cats had no chance this year,I will go for my 2nd favourite team to win it all...

The Saskatchewan Rough Riders...

More Protect the Prima Donna flags helping the Stamps out...

In most cases I'd agree with you. But that helmet-to-helmet was pretty brutal. No way they couldn't call that one. The roll into the knees, I don't like the way it's called, but it is the rule.

Definitely should have been offensive PI on that play. Probably would have been declined anyway, but they should have had the option. (Smart move by the receiver to prevent the interception.)

I have NEVER seen that before.. the PAT blocked and ran wow!!

What a bizarre game. I'm thinking that's the first time I've seen the two points scored off a blocked convert. The block is rare enough, but to score off it?

Good game. I thought I might cheer for Glenn and McDaniel but once I started watching...have to cheer for Sask.

A little miffed at some of the non calls. The Jabari Arthur interfering on the defender and getting a D or Cote pushing his defender to prevent the INT. Almost as bad as Mann's facemask in the earlier game and getting a PI at the same time. Brutal officiating. I's the focus of the play and no official saw it??? What the hell were they watching then?

If Drew Tate, can "Barely remember the first half" as he said in that TSN interview.. WTF is he doing out there?????

That was not a tongue in cheek comment Ford....

That INTENTIONAL helmet to helmet hit rocked him and I saw that his 1st pass after that hit!

He needs to be removed immediately!

The Tay George hit was a legitmate call...

When someone is tripped and falls into someone's legs,like what happened to Shamari Williams,how can anyone claim there was any intent to injure someone???

These Roughing the Passer/Protect the Prima Donna penalties need to be loosened up...

TD Calgary...

It's starting to look like The Stampeders are starting to put the hammer on Saskatchewans defence...

Yeah...I think the weight challenged woman is starting to warm up. The Riders only had the ball for 4 minutes or so in that quarter...a quarter WITH the wind.

But what song will she be singing?

30-29 Saskatchewan, 0:52 left. Yikes!


It was 29-23 for the Stamps with less than 90 seconds left, but Riders get TD with 52 seconds left.

Like Forde said though, Riders left too much time on the clock. Pehaps just enough to get into Pareses' range...

Stamps start just inside their 30.

First pass dropped by Bryant, but then complete to McDaniel for 16 yard gain. 35 seconds left.

Then pass to wide-open Bryant good for the TD!

Yeah, Riders offence WAS too efficient in getting that TD.

And now 35-30 Calgary, 0:20 left? Going for two, but didn't get it.

Two point convert no good. 35-30 Calgary.

Riders need to get a TD, and get it even more quickly than they got their last one...

See... THAT is what a Defense is suppopsed to do when your offense gives you a lead.. OR tie in the dying seconds of a game!!!!

This is why we are watching teams other than the TiCats playing today!!

Stamps win!