Gang Green at Nags Game Thread, Sat. Oct. 26, 7 pm (SAS-CAL)

Sat October 26 .
Saskatchewan at Calgary
7 pm et/4 pm pt

Hope everyine can decipher the thread title. LOL :wink:'s game preview is at .

A statement game. We shall see who makes it.

Oski Wee Wee,


Rides looking to win their 6th road game of the year this year, last time they won 6 road games was '07, last time they won the GC,

Nags have won 4 in a row, rides 3 in a row, something has to give tonight!

Corndog vs. Sheets is on!

Milo makes it 3-0 rides early.....

Just put the game on. :slight_smile:

3-3 nags after a 23 yard peredes.....

3-3 after one quarter.

Balmy +18C in Calgary this afternoon, they have a snowfall warning with 5cm of snow expected tomorrow and a high of +1 with a low of -11 for tomorrow night, that's a potential 29 degree swing in temperature in the next 36 hrs> I bet the players and fans are thankful theyre playing today and not tomorrow afternoon!

Id say Cornish is +1 so far in the Sheets Cornish battle today....

Glenn to Parker for the major,

10-3 nags

Milo makes it 6-10 for the riders after a 28 yard FG

Milo makes it 9-10 Riders after a 32 yard FG....

Durant with the naked bootleg from 1 yard out for the score, 2 point convert failed,

15-10 rides at the half....

19-15 nags after a 1 yard Tate run for the score and the failed 2 pt convert afterwards.....

22-18 nags 946 left in the 4th

Big win for the Stamps!