Gang Green at Nags Game Thread (Oct. 17, 3 pm ET, TSN)

Roughriders at Stampeders
Today at 3 pm et / 12 pm pt
Available in TSN HD's game preview is here:

A likely candidate for game of the week. Both teams are gunning for top spot in the West with a win.

Oski Wee Wee,


Hope for a SASK win so that CAL will be extra motivated for a victory at home next week over EDM.
Then, the next week SASK can continue their winning ways over BC at home and then come to HAM over confident.

Kickoff is imminent! :wink:

Could be trouble for the Stamps as Cates looks good early

Hello HTD!

Yes, the ball is brown too.

:D :D :D ;)


Henry Burris: the CFL Chick Magnet (TM) of the Week.


Is this the "Nylon" Greene Memorial Bowl or what? WTF is with all the flags? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ref’s want to be involved

DeAngelis FG makes it 3-0 Nags

I gather zebra poaching is a problem in Alberta. LOL

Durant with the Buck Pierce "skull slide". LOL

Congi with a BIGGGGGGGGGGG rouge,

3-1 Nags


TD Nags


10-1 with the convert

Jason Armstead with another big un-Ticatlike return into Nag territory!

A Fantuzstic (TM HTD) play! LOL

Szarka with the TD bulldoze!

10-8 Nags now, 12:00 left in the first half.

LOL.. did you write all these things down...... sorry about late response.. had to run to the store

No, I have a good memory. LMAO

Dales had a perfect coffin corner punt to pin the Riders back!

A Meanstreak-goes-ballistic intentional safety by Congi

12-8 Nags