Gang Green at Nags Game Thread (July 23, 9:30 ET, TSN)

Anderson INT of Durant...

So true Russ.. unfortunately... so true!

7-0 Calgary after one quarter

FANTUZTIC CATCH...but there is a hold

A Fantuztic catch called back too bad RR

Uhmmmm what a catch!!

Tie game! 7-7

This is a good game!!

Agreed... both teams are moving the ball well

Costly Green penalty... NO PIGGY BACKS allowed!!!!

Never mind... Burris picked in the endzone!!!!

Broken play INT -- that was Todd Bankheadish by Burris LOL

or Todd BONEheadish!!


I love watching Durant...

They likely changed the name off the boat…but the legacy remained on the field LOL


Seems Burris was the one at fault there.. I thought Bryant ran the wrong route.. but Huff tore Hank a new one!

X 2 :thup:

See, that's because Huff KNOWS what his OC is doing/calling. Gibson is in the press box will his knobless Etch-A-Sketch calling GKW,,and Marcel is in WTF mode on the sideline!

and THAT is why the Cats are 1-3

You see the issues we have. Whenever you have a HC-OC combo where it is obvious that there is a disconnect in terminology and design (e.g. Marshall-Baressi, Taaffe-Paopao, and fearless heroes now), you can't wallpaper that over.

WHY would Burris throw that ball?????

What a boneheadish move!!!!

Burris picked again! Forced that!