Gang Green at Nags Game Thread (July 23, 9:30 ET, TSN)

Roughriders at Stampeders
Today at 9:30pm et/6:30pm pt
Also available on TSN HD

Can the Riders continue to roll, or will Hank have the last smile?'s game preview is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


Shameless preparatory bump! :wink:

Well hopefully the competition is a tad more even in this game

Indeed, HTD!

Nice return!

Rider Nation in full throat -- do they ever travel well LOL

Nik Lewis fumble recovered by Riders -- will we get a challenge?

Down by contact... Stamps ball

Close call either way...I agree with you!

I agree, but we'll see.

There was no separation of the ball from him when his elbow touched the ground... Calgary got jobbed there

Call STANDS...inconclusive???

Glad SSK did nothing with that... that was a brutal call...

All Reynolds, All the time!

What a superb player he has been!

Calgary looks pretty impressive so far

TD Sam.... nice catch to end a real impressive drive.. 7-0 Stamps!!

Burris-to-Sam for six...

7-0 Nags with the imminent convert -- great roll and gun by Burris!

What I appreciate, HTD, is that you can see two offensive units that attack, attack, attack…using the full field, moving the pocket, and making big plays.

What do we have? We have an offense that usually gets its wins in spite of its playcaller!

If the Riders lose this game, they WILL be taking it out on the Cats.