Gang Green at Nags Game Thread, Aug. 9, 9 pm

Hi folks!

I don't how much of the game I'll will catch and write about here, but I thought I'd tee it up in this thread.

It ought to be a fun night!

Oski Wee Wee,


Kickoff is imminent.

Don`t know if anyone cheers for one team over another in the west especially, but for me it is GO STAMPS!! And early on hey have stopped Sheets and forced a turnover deep n Rider territory! :smiley:

Jon Cornish makes it 7-0 Calgary with a big carry following the last touch fumble recovery.

Make that 14-0 coming up courtesy of Cornish! So far Sheets has been stuffed and Cornish has been gaining all the yds.

13-0...the Stamps are rolling, even with their convert blocked.

Actually they missed the convert - blocked by the Riders so it is only 13-0. That missed point could be a factor by the end of the game - or again maybe not! So far the RRs offense has been mostly shut down. Sheets with -2 yds?? And the Riders are taking dumb penalties!

End of one quarter: Calgary up 13-0.

The Riders answer with a drive that finishes with a Getzlaf TD. 16-7 Calgary now.

They actually had better field position on that one. I like how the Stamps have been pinning the Riders deep in their own end,

23-7 Calgary after Cornish gashes the Rider D with a 33-yard run for a TD. Less than two minutes left in the first half.

Riders with another 2-and-out and another DUMB penalty. Looks like they are losing it a bit …and I don’t mean the game!

Cornish shreds SSK run defense. It's like Rey Wms. is back there. ...wait ,....what ?

Way to go Kevin Glenn, the Rodney Dangerfield of the CFL.

Captain, I was surprised at how many times Glenn ran the ball last night. He did a really good job of managing the game and keeping Durant and his group off the field.

Is that Rey Williams out there ? The one I remember from Hamilton in 2012?
The one Cornish is running over, through and around on every second play?
No CFL Star of the week , this week . Hot Shot !