Gang Green at Mosquito Excitement GT, Thu Aug 7, 8 pm et

Thu August 7
Saskatchewan at Winnipeg
8pm et/5pm pt

Kickoff is just after 8:30 pm et. Anytime these teams get together, it's a war! Go Green!

Oski Wee Wee,

Russ's pre-game preview article is at .

Oski Wee Wee,


I can hear Rod Black now,

Saskatchewan Chick goes down on Winnipeg's Willy! :lol:

Trying to channel hop between the Blue Jays game (for my mom who is visiting) and the CFL game which has barely started. Riders with 3 of a Willy interception. Seems many thinking the Bomber will take this one but I think it could go either way. Riders coming off two dominant wins but the competition in both of those games wasn't exactly overly tough, :slight_smile:

Happy to see that Proulx is the ref tonight which means Ticats won't have him and his phantom calls to deal with tomorrow. :smiley:

Just saw the end of the "Willy-peg" drive which resulted in the first TD of the game with only about 6 minutes left to play in the half. Defenses must be having a field day out there. Moquitoes up by 7 (10-3)

Just switched back to the CFL to see that it was the beginning of half time. What was surprising was to hear that the Riders had only THREE first downs in the first 2 quarters. :o Can't remember how many Ticats had last week but Riders don't seem to be faring any better than the black and gold did. Running game for the Riders seems to have been shut down and they do like to run the ball.

Two huge fumbles by the Bombers...Riders seek to cash in with TD #2...

13-10 Riders after Milo hits a 10-yard FG to start the fourth quarter.

I'm going to try and remember to look up average scores of past years to this year's. I'd say it's down by atleast 14?

A punt single by "Hallelujah" narrows the advantage to 2 (13-11).

Riders have some of the same problems that Ticats had - too many DUMB penalties and trouble getting their O going. I do think the green D is giving Willy a harder time though. Chick's had about three sacks. Milo headed back on to the field to increase the lead 16-11.

We could use that kind of speed at wr

Db Fail.

Bombers with the TD with an attempted 2 pointer - not caught. Not one 2 point conversion has been made so far this season. Bomber with a 17-16 lead - which as we well know is enough to win. But still 4+ min to go.

Weinerpeg gonna lose this one.

Well Dd almost picked off by Kuale stopping the green in their tracks. Messam though has been able to pick up some rushing yds.

Wow.. Hahahahahahah

Did you see #1 showing off rather than blocking… loser.

I really don't know what team I hate more..

Its a good thing that the Riders D can score TD because their O is sure having problems! Willy picked off again and returned for a green TD, AND AGAIN!!!

MAYS WITH THE PICK-SIX!! Riders back in the lead!

The Riders are up 22-17 now! 2:06 left.