Gang Green at Leos (July 10, 9:30 pm, TSN)

Roughriders at Lions (TSN)
Today at 9:30pm et/6:30pm pt
available on TSN HD

Will the Riders spoil the Empire Field home debut of the Lions?

Will Casey Printers light up the RIders D as the Als did last week?

Ought to be a compelling end to the CFL doubleheader today!

The game preview is at

Oski Wee Wee,


Hope to see you later here! I can't add much more about the Ticat defeat than i addressed in the game thread. so I'll be back later for game two.

I'll be at the's a beautiful day and my friend....a Rider fan....and I are preparing as we speak.....first off to the track, which is adjacent to the stadium, to win our beer money....$3 beer at Empire this year .... good beer too.....Heinecken...Corona...

Game time is approaching :stuck_out_tongue:

After that stinkfest the Cats put on this afternoon...

This should be a pretty good match up...

Go 'Riders!!!

Going to be fun with the Jerry Tagge flashbacks...LOL :wink:

Go Riders !!!

Tagge...With Don Morehead warming up on the sideline....

I was disappointed by our Cats today, but I think "stinkfest" might be a little much. That season opener in Winnipeg on the other hand...

Interesting to hear the panel debate whether or not there should've been PI call on 3rd and 1 pass to AB3.

Appropriate to see Lions wear retro uniforms here at this stadium. And it's good to see them play there. This game was meant to be played outdoors, IMHO.

They only have thier retro helmets....

Got to love Empire Field ...

It a Nice Stadium Your as Close as Being at IWS

Close enough. :slight_smile:

That's what I was thinking. It has a similar capacity and seems to have a similar atmosphere.

Two bad our new Stadium
we can’t stay the same
The Track will get the view

Let see Printers now

The only thing missing is REAL GRASS!!!!

I hate the Plastigrass...Just say NO to Plastigrass....

Simpson will the CHeep shot !!!

He get away with it too

We'll see about that. The location is on its way to being figured out and then we can see if it'll be like a modernized version of IWS.

What was with focus still on Printers after his pass?

JUst think the Riders kept Dorcey and Cut Thigpen...

Thank you Riders

Dorsey has done some things in this league, but yeah, I think Thiggy has four more TDs than Dorsey.

That stadium built in 111 days? Wow. I know it’s temporary, but…

ya I like it ..