Gang Green at Leos Game Thread, Sun Aug 24, 7 pm et

Sun, 24 Aug 2014
Saskatchewan at B.C.
7:00 PM et

I am looking forward to this finale for Week 9. BC's team president has deemed it "Guaranteed Win Night." Methinks the Riders are going to have a lot to say on the field about that. It ought to be a slobberknocker!

Oski Wee Wee,


10-0 BC after a Tim Brown punt return TD

Personally I hope that the Riders tank and they are off to a decent start in that department.

We have on the field the Warriors vs the Storm Troopers and the Warriors in about 6 minutes are up 10-0 with a FG and Brown TD on a punt after the Lions sacked DD twice! :slight_smile:
Given the way the Riders offense has been playing (or not) I think the Leos have a good chance to lay a beating on them.

Hi folks!

Looks like the Leos Bazzie wants to give Chick a run for his money in he sack department. So far hes ahead 1-0 in sacks.

Doesn't John Chick have more sacks this season than all of the ticats D combined?

6-13 Riders after a 18 yard Milo

Announcers were waxing poetic about Bartels qualities as a punter a few moments ago after he pinned the Leos deep. Dont think he ever got that much air time as a Ticat!
Leos with the FG on a long drive.

Storm troopers are now knocking on the door for a TD after a DUMB head shot on Allen.

Anyone who thinks Austin get upset on the sidelines hasnt paid much attention to Benevides sideline antics! His comment on the penalty would have been bleeped - if it had been audible! :oops:

Pressure on Dd and good defensive play save the TD. 13-6 Warriors after the green FG.

Chick (before this game) had 12 I believe and the Ticats after a few takedowns of Mitchell last week are up to 14. Of course it could be a different story by the end of this game! :oops:

9-13 Rides after the last second FG to en the half

It appears DD injured his hand in the second half,
Tino Sunseri in @ QB for the Rides

That Rob Bagg drop of a sure TD pass was a killer!! Sunseri keeps on chucking...

Sunseri doing well in relief. Not getting much help from his receivers though.

Rides connect on a 46 yard Milo

16-12 Leos

Yeah Sunseri in and all of a sudden the receivers catch a ball. First two passes that were both catchable balls were dropped or missed! :oops:

Sunseri is going to have a rough go. I`ll be surprised if he can bring the team back. And the exchange of FGs continues.
16--12 Leos.

Bene challenging PI but I dont think hell get it. Likely insufficient evidence. And there was

Now im enlightened,

John Chick 13 sacks this season :thup:

Ticats D 14 sacks this season :thdn:

Is Joe Montford still a free agent? :lol:

Can someone explain to me what a "Jumbo" team is? :lol:

Rides PU a FD after their last 3 and 1


Earthquake registered in Lower mainland after CLark came down with that ball!

19-16 Rides

That BC guarantee is slowly evaporating :lol:

Sunseri gets it done -- 19-16 Riders on top after Clark leaves a crater. LMAO