Gang Green at Leos Game Thread, June 13, 10 pm et, TSN

Roughriders at Lions (TSN)
Wednesday, June 13th, at 10pm et/7pm et
Also available on TSN Mobile TV

Game two of tonight's CFL on TSN preseason doubleheader is in Vancouver. Hope to see some of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


The Riders new uniforms are such a mess :thdn:

Indeed. LOL

We shall see how Chamblin and Benevides fare in their first games as head coaches.

What are Lions doing with “Bruce III” on the back of jersey #1? No matter what he chooses to name himself, at any given time, he is not the third Bruce on his family tree. He’s the third Arland. “BRUCE III” makes no sense.