Gang Green at Iglooers Game Thread, Sat. Aug. 24, 4 pm et

Touchdown Eskimos...

41,868 announced attendance @ Edmonton,

top 5 attended games this year have had the Rides playing in every one of them, home or away.....

Indeed. Where is the Boom Goes The Dynamite Guy when he's needed? :wink:

Trade Ryan Rishaug for the "boom goes the Dynamite" guy as the sideline reporter and I would be a lot more interested in this game :lol:

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Riders road uni's always make me think of the Storm Troopers! Not quite as overpowering the past 2-3 games though. Don't mind the all green Esks including helmet though.

No doubt about it - the Esks are a MUCH improved team and are keeping pace with the Riders and even outplaying them at times! On their way to another TD by the looks of things that would pad their narrow lead. :slight_smile:

30-27 Riders final. They gutted one out!

Reilly's fumble near the end should have been overturned by the review. It was definitely a helmet-to-helmet hit, which, in my opinion, was the major cause of the fumble. And the rule book states:

Where a turnover is the direct result of a major foul [b]which was not penalized[/b] (e.g. clothesline which caused a fumble, face mask on a tackle when a fumble occurs) Note: The reviewable aspect of this play is that the alleged major foul was the primary cause of the turnover. If there was no change of possession, this play is not reviewable.
This is exactly what happened here, a major foul not called that caused the fumble.

I'm usually one to come to the defence of the replay officials, but in this case, they totally blew it. And had the Riders kept that drive going, they might have tied it with a field goal, or even won if they'd scored a touchdown.


Edmonton aren't as bad as people think.
Riders aren't as good as people think.