Gang Green at Iglooers Game Thread, Sat. Aug. 24, 4 pm et

Sat August 24
Saskatchewan at Edmonton
4 pm et/ 1 pm pt

Hi folks!

The second half of the CFL doubleheader is a washout on paper, but we shall see if Mike Reilly can have another big game to make it close.

Hope to see many of you here!

Oski Wee Wee,


pretty sure that if I was an eskimo, I would be very offended at the term iglooer.

Well, the same would apply to the term 'Eskimo,' to be clear. The Inuit would not exactly line up around the block for that label, being imposed by an imperial power. Just saying. In the future, I will refer to the Edmonton football club as the Eeks. My apologies to native groups or rodent lovers who may be offended by these developments.

heh heh

Shameless game day bump! See you here later today. :slight_smile:

I'm calling a Eskie upset here. The green goblins have not been looking stellar lately. But hey what do I know :?

I remember a scene from the movie, "Mystery Alaska", a TV reporter showed up to cover the hockey game between some local players and the New York Rangers, and referred to the home players as Eskimos. The Mayor of the town quickly corrected her that they are Inuit.

Welcome folks! :slight_smile:

Well the Cats give me a 2-1 edge so far in the VGCC a Riders win will move me to 3-1, I would not be surprised to see Edmonton screw me over!

I'd LOVE to see them put the Riders away and they have drawn first blood with a FG by O'Neill!! WAY TO GO ESKS!!!

Of all the franchises when put into a corner -- in recent history -- Edmonton always competes. Always.

Rider Nation always travels well, eh?

Of all the franchises when put into a corner -- in recent history -- Edmonton always competes. Always.
Well so far they are keeping themselves in the game while trading FGs with Gang Green! :slight_smile:

I'm loving this Esks - Riders game with the Eskies ahead 10-7. Challenge on the possible turnover for the Riders though. And the TO ruling may be overturned!! GO ESKS!! :smiley:

NOOOOO haha they're the last hope the west has for another crossover this year :wink:

Esks are looking impressive and hanging in there tough with the Riders - or are the Riders not QUITE as good as their press releases!! :smiley: GO ESKS!

Seriously I really don't think there will be a cross over this year unless the Als really tank and I don't see that happening with the way they played the other night. They aren't likely to beat the Ticats either! :wink:

I'd just like to see the Riders LOSE!!

Is it just me or is it very odd watching Edmonton playing at home with green helmets and Saskatchewan playing on the road with white helmets?

Just seems kinda weird...

It is bizarre. LOL

My god, a game called by Black and Suitor...this is hard to stomach :oops: